Supervisor Henry Orff, PhD
Facility UCSD Behavioral Sleep Medicine Clinic
4520 Executive Drive
San Diego, CA  92121
Phone (858) 642-6492
Placement Type Outpatient Clinic
Patient Type

Patients with sleep disorders, primarily insomnia and circadian (advanced/delayed sleep phase) problems.

Experience Type

Individual sessions with patients; obtain sleep histories and conduct cognitive-behavioral interventions for sleep as indicated.

Number Of Students Could only accommodate one trainee at a time, however willing to have multiple trainees per year if there is interest from more than one trainee in obtaining this experience (e.g., two students, each with a six-month rotation)
Experience Necessary

Due to complexity of cases (medically and psychologically) this rotation would be best for a more advanced (4th or 5th year) student. Should be comfortable with history taking, providing education to patients, performing interventions, and medical note writing.

Time Commitment

Clinic is half-days on Tuesdays from 1-5pm. Trainees can expect to see 1-2 new patients per week and about 2-3 follow-ups per week (approximately 3-4 hrs of direct contact) plus another 1-2 hrs of report writing for a total of 5-6 hrs of work spent in this placement per week.

For interested trainees an optional experience could be provided through my clinical trial at the VA. This work also involves providing CBT and sleep education treatments to Veterans with history of TBI and insomnia. This work would add another 1-2 hrs of contact time for total of 8-10 hrs of time spent in the practicum per week.

Note: This latter option could be offered separately and might be an ideal opportunity for trainees with very limited time but interest in learning more about evidenced-based treatments for sleep disorders

Practicum Length One year
Start Date July 1, 2019
Limiting Factors  
Other Issues  
Description Revised 02/21/2019