Supervisor Arpi Minassian, Ph.D.
Facility UC San Diego Medical Center Hillcrest- UCSD Regional Burn Center
Address  200 West Arbor Drive, Mailcode 8620, San Diego CA 92103-8620
Phone 619-543-3422
Placement Type Inpatient hospital and outpatient clinic
Patient Type Adults and children hospitalized with a burn injury or tissue disease
Experience Type

Experiences on the Burn Service include: (1) psychological evaluation to evaluate for psychiatric disorders and past or current substance abuse problems; (2) use of various interventions and provision of support for patients and families in coping with physical injuries and treatment (including behavioral interventions to assist patient with acute pain, emotional/cognitive/behavioral responses to traumatic experience, discussion of body image concerns, brief motivational interviewing for substance use-related injuries); and (3) providing recommendations to multidisciplinary staff to enhance outcomes of working with the patient and his/her family. As part of the Medical Center Psychiatry consultation-liaison team, the student will gain experience in rapid psychiatric and psychological evaluation and formulation of treatment recommendations for medically ill patients with psychiatric symptoms. Interactions with patients can be as brief as a one-time meeting or twice weekly follow-up with the patient and his/her family lasting up to a few months depending on the extent of the injury.  During this placement the student will learn extensively about burn care and the physical and psychological effects of burn injury. In addition, they will work closely with other medical disciplines, combine assessment and brief intervention in the span of a few sessions, and tailor recommendations to fit with the fast-paced trauma care environment.

Number Of Students 1
Experience Necessary Basic knowledge of how to conduct a biopsychosocial evaluation; completed or concurrent coursework in therapeutic techniques such as CBT, MI, and/or ACT.
Time Commitment 8-10 hours/week; approximately 70% of time in face-to-face activities with patients.
Practicum Length Full Year
Start Date 7/1/2019
Limiting Factors

Preferable that student have Tuesday afternoons available to attend multidisciplinary rounds and Thursday afternoons to participate in outpatient Burn Clinic.  Mondays-Fridays during work hours only, no weekends or nights.

Other Issues

 Although it might appear that a clinical experience on the Burn Service would result in highly specialized training, psychology trainees emerge with a breadth of experience and knowledge that they are easily able to apply to future behavioral medicine, health, and psychiatric settings.  Importantly they are exposed to and must negotiate the interface between psychology and medicine, which is a critical relationship in today’s health care environment.   Trainees obtain a broad series of experiences in behavioral medicine.  They are trained alongside a psychology intern in UC San Diego’s APA-accredited Psychology Internship Program.  This practicum experience will prepare students to be highly competitive for behavioral medicine/health psychology internship placements. 

Interested students are welcome to contact Dr. Minassian at or 619-543-3422 for questions

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