University Travel Funds

Students may apply for and receive travel funds from either or both universities. Students can apply for funding to multiple travel funds BUT cannot apply to cover the same funding (it can be for the same event, just not for the same expenses).  Therefore, if a student applies to one of the travel funds and has remaining expenses, they could apply to another fund to cover the additional expenses.

SDSU Graduate Student Travel Funds

The Student Research Committee and the College of Graduate Studies would like to invite SDSU graduate students to apply to the Graduate Student Travel Funds.  These support travel associated with scholarly research and creative activities.  There are two funds, and each has a different deadline and set of constraints.  Students may apply to both funds for the same travel, but can only be awarded from one fund.  The Student Success Fee provides a larger source of funding. 

Questions regarding these travel funds should be directed to the College of Graduate Studies at or (619) 594-5213.

Graduate Student Travel Funds

Eligibility: The Graduate Student Travel Funds are available to all degree-seeking SDSU graduate students with a post-baccalaureate cumulative GPA of at least 3.00.

Scope: The maximum award is $1,000, unless extenuating circumstances are well-justified.  Funds may be used for national or international travel to a conference where the student is presenting, or field work associated with research/scholarship.  Travel for short courses (or other training activities) is not supported.

For more information about travel grant deadlines, the application process, and award policies, please visit their website at

Student Success Fee

Provided by the College of Sciences, the IRA funding supports student travel to professional meetings to present the results of their research. Applications are considered two times during the academic year, with deadlines on November 1 (for travel July 1 – December 31), and April 1 (for travel January 1 – June 30). Only one student per paper or poster is permitted to request funding. Funding will be activated after application deadline. The amount of the awards will vary depending on how many students apply and how much funding is available during the period in which the student applies. In the past the awards have ranged from $50-$150 for in-state travel, $200-$350 for out-of-state travel and $400-500 for international travel.

See below for the IRA application and travel forms.

Associated Students Funding

Approximately $30,000 is available annually to support graduate student travel for three cycles (Fall, Spring, and Summer).  The maximum award is $1,000. The funds must be used within the cycle months. 

The Graduate Student Travel Fund is available to all degree-seeking SDSU graduate students with an accumulated grade point average of at least 3.00.

PLEASE NOTE: This application requires you to have a SDSU Faculty Mentor to sign off on your application. If your mentor is located at UC San Diego, you will need to get the SDSU Co-Director’s signature instead. Please contact the SDSU Program Coordinator if you have any questions or concerns.

UC San Diego Graduate Student Travel Funds

*Travel funds are currently canceled due to pandemic

GSA Travel Grants

GSA created a Travel Grant program to award graduate and professional students grants of up to $300 for in-state and up to $500 for out-of-state travel to conferences where you will present your own professional work. This program is funded by GSA, Graduate Division, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and the Office of the Chancellor.

Four rounds of applications will be held each year, one during each quarter. Funding will be awarded randomly from the full pool of eligible applications. Applicants must be presenting a paper or giving a talk on their own original research.

Have questions about the Travel Grants program? Email


In order to qualify for GSA Travel Grant funding, all of the following must apply. You must:

All travel grant awardees will be invited to present a poster in the “Drinks and Dissertations:  Graduate Research Symposium” during the quarter their award is allocated. Each quarter, an awardee whose research is (1) innovative, (2) demonstrates originality, (3) exceptionally motivating will be selected by the GSA Academic and Judicial Committee to present their research orally at the conclusion of the symposium.

For more information about travel grant deadlines, the application process, and award policies, please visit their website at

Updated 9/16/2021