In general students should get about four weeks (20 workdays) of vacation each year, contingent on Human Resources policy for the institution administering the funding.  Time off between semesters/quarters during winter break and before and after summer counts toward these four weeks, as does time off during “spring break.” However, time away at professional meetings, particularly meetings where the student is presenting, does not count as vacation time during the meeting (although any time off beyond the meeting dates would count). Obviously there are differences and/or allowances that from time to time must be made regarding time off, based on student and lab needs. However, students can expect 20 workdays off a year.

In all instances we expect that students will meet with their mentor well in advance and discuss not only when the best time to take vacation might be, but also how much vacation should be taken at a time.  This should be done on at least an annual basis. Time off when the student is interviewing for internship, for example, may require special negotiation.

Updated 8/21/2019