Health Insurance

All students must have health insurance.

Since 1999-2000 the JDP Steering Committee has required that mentors paying student stipends provide health insurance. Optimally this is done through the university, VA, the SDSU Research Foundation, or other well-established mechanism. Students who purchase their own health insurance must show proof of purchase to both program coordinators as soon as the coverage has been established. Students who have major medical coverage elsewhere (e.g., through a spouse or partner) may elect not to sign up for or purchase health insurance. If so, the student must decline the coverage in writing, indicating that they will be waiving the program health insurance requirement – and be prepared to show the JDP proof of coverage.

If tuition and fees are paid at UC San Diego, students automatically get GSHIP for their health insurance.  The cost for GSHIP is included as part of tuition and fees. For more information about GSHIP, visit UC San Diego’s Student Health Insurance website:

If tuition and fees are paid at SDSU, students will be covered by either SDSU health benefits (students who have a .50 TA appointment or a SDSU Graduate Fellowship) or through the SDSU Research Foundation Scholar Exempt Benefits Program (students employed through the Research Foundation or on the NIAAA T32 alcohol research training grant). For more information about SDSU health benefits, visit SDSU’s benefits website:; and for more information about SDSU Research Foundation benefits, visit the Scholar Exempt Benefits Program website:

Note: For students appointed to the NIAAA T32 alcohol research training grant (PIs: Edward Riley and Susan Tapert) assigned to SDSU for tuition/fees/health insurance – You will be contacted by SDSU Research Foundation Human Resources Benefits Manager, regarding health insurance options.

Obviously there are a variety of ways the requirement to provide students with health insurance can be met, and students have a right to know how their coverage will occur.  Each mentor must discuss with his/her student how health insurance will be provided for the upcoming academic year.  This conversation must occur by June of each year.

Updated 8/23/2019