It is imperative that all students refer to the UC San Diego’s “Dissertation & Thesis Submission” website ( on how to format and file your dissertation.  Your dissertation must follow UC San Diego’s dissertation guidelines.  Do not refer to SDSU formatting, as they will accept the dissertation based on UC San Diego formatting.

Preliminary Appointment with UC San Diego’s Graduate Division

Once the dissertation is written, you must make a preliminary appointment with Sara Miceli in the Graduate Division at UC San Diego, to assure formatting is correct.  Preliminary appointments may be scheduled for any time (but preferably not in early June if at all possible). Appointments can be made online using the Graduate Division online calendar at*  Please refer to the site prior to making an appointment as there are specific guidelines to be followed.

*NOTE: Appointments may be made at least one full day in advance, but not more than 60 days in advance, so plan accordingly.

Once you schedule your preliminary appointment, you will receive an email from UC San Diego’s Graduate Division with detailed instructions on how/what to prepare for your preliminary meeting.

Graduate Division recommends that you complete your preliminary appointment prior to your defense; however, this is not required and there are no negative repercussions if you have your preliminary appointment after your defense.  However, your final appointment must be after your defense.

Proxy Allowed?  If you are located elsewhere on internship, it would be advisable to schedule the meeting when you are in San Diego for your defense.  However, you may also have a proxy attend this meeting for you (although the Graduate Division strongly discourages proxy/email/skype preliminary appointments as they have found them to be ineffective).  The proxy needs to have a complete copy of the dissertation printed on one side only and be willing to communicate any necessary changes to the student (along with sending/faxing some handouts).

Updated 3/04/2020