Students who are assigned office space at 6363 Alvarado Court are allowed to park in the lot immediately adjacent to the building as are students who are seeing clients at the clinic.  If a student does not fall into either category they will be expected to park on the street or across the street in the Alvarado Medical Center parking lot.

Students may purchase a SDSU Student Parking Permit if they wish, but most of our students can get by without it since they can walk up to campus.  Information on parking permits at SDSU can be found at

UC San Diego

Purchase a S or B parking pass from the Gilman Parking Office or online at, ORReceive a FREE 10-day B pass use code, available for JDP students.

Bring your SDSU/UCSD ID and driver’s license and SDSU parking pass to the Gilman or Hillcrest parking office and ask the front desk receptionist/cashier for the “JDP Clinical Psychology Parking Pass Code” The code may be used on the Pay by App Parking /pay-by-app.html 

There are many buses and trams that run in the area, and trams are always free. There are also a large number of bus routes in the vicinity that are free with the UC San Diego bus sticker, which students can get at either the Parking office on campus, or in Hillcrest at the Bachman Parking Structure. More information on the bus services is here:

We encourage students to use the shuttles or other public transportation as much as possible, as parking at UC San Diego is extremely limited and several large parking lots around the Health Science Campus (where most of you will be working if you are working at UC San Diego) were removed to make room for the construction of new student housing, and no replacement parking has been built yet.