Copier buttonsSince the JDP copier is available for use without per copy charges, faculty and students should be mindful of the following guidelines.

  1. Use the JDP copier to make copies of material for courses.  Copies for research meetings should be funded through the mentor’s grant.
  2. Use the JDP copier to make copies of a thesis, second year project, or dissertation for the committee (although most students now submit these mateirals electronically).
  3. If a student is teaching an undergraduate psychology course, copying of exams, etc., should be done through the psychology department.  Check with the Psychology Department about copy procedures for numbers of exams.  Special time constraints may apply.
  4. Since about half of our Supplies & Services budget goes for paper and other copying costs, for copies of material unrelated to work in the program, please use an outside copy center such as Kinko’s.