In order to be sure that students receive their mail and email in a timely manner, please be sure to notify all university offices and both the SDSU and the UC San Diego program offices of any change of address. Students may change their mailing address for SDSU online using their WebPortal account and for UC San Diego online using their Triton account; currently the program offices must be informed via email or letter. Equally important, students are responsible for ensuring that their email addresses are current at both the SDSU and the UC San Diego JDP offices. Virtually all program changes, announcements, and other important information is most often first communicated electronically, and often is not communicated in any other way; the program cannot be responsible for errors, additional fees, problems, and so forth that result from students’ failure to keep either their email or postal mail addresses current. University records of student emails addresses can be changed using both WebPortal and Tritonlink, and students should keep these accurate as well.


  • JDP Office (Program Coordinator)
  • International Office (for international students) –
  • Financial Aid (if a student has student loans) AidLink

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