Report of the Final Examination and Filing of the Dissertation for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology

This is the form taken to the final defense of the dissertation.  Again, all members of the committee must sign indicating whether or not the defense was passed.   The student must have the exact title of the dissertation on the proper line, and the pass date of the final exam.  After the committee and co-directors have signed, the form is kept by the student until he/she meets with the Graduate Division at UC San Diego for the final dissertation appointment.

It is recommended that you bring two copies of the JDP Form 5 for your committee members to sign (just in case).

BEFORE you get signatures from either co-Director, make sure to complete all of the fields for the following section: “The final examination and dissertation are ___unanimously___not unanimously approved, and the candidate is ___recommended ___not recommended for the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in: __________ in the Department/Group of___________ as of________.” 

  • Check either the unanimously or unanimously option
  • Check either the recommended or not recommended option
  • Enter “Clinical Psychology” for the degree in Doctor of Philosophy
  • Enter “Clinical Psychology” for the Department/Group
  • Enter your dissertation defense date after “as of”

JDP Form 5 PDF