Report of the Qualifying Examination and Advancement to Candidacy for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology

This is the form that must be initiated online through Adobe Sign and signed by each committee member indicating whether or not the dissertation proposal defense has been passed.  Once this form has been completely processed and filed with UC San Diego Graduate Division, the student will receive a final signed copy of the JDP Form 3. At this time, the Advancement to Candidacy fee will be charged to the student’s TritonLink account and a confirmation letter will be sent to their email stating that they have been advanced to candidacy.

Steps to Complete the JDP Form 3:

  1. Email the JDP Program Coordinators when you have successfully passed your dissertation proposal defense.
  2. Assuming all requirements for advancement to candidacy have been met*, the SDSU Program Coordinator will initiate the online JDP Form 3 through Adobe Sign to be routed for signatures by your dissertation committee, Co-Directors, and Graduate Office/Division contacts at both schools.
  3. After your JDP Form 3 has been submitted for electronic signature, a $50 Advancement Processing Fee will be posted to your UCSD account.  Please let the UC San Diego Program Coordinator know when you have paid this, and she will arrange for a stipend to reimburse you.
  4. Once the JDP Form 3 has been signed by all parties and filed, you will receive a copy of the completed form.

*PLEASE NOTE: In addition to the dissertation proposal defense, students must also have completed all core coursework, passed the Clinical Comprehensive Exam, and passed the Major Area of Study Comprehensive Exam in order to advance to candidacy. The SDSU Program Coordinator will only initiate the JDP Form 3 once all requirements have been met.

Updated 10/14/2020