Report of the Qualifying Examination and Advancement to Candidacy for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology

This is the form taken to the defense of the dissertation proposal.  It must be signed by the committee and each member indicates whether or not the defense has been passed.  Once this form has been completely processed with fee paid, all signatures, etc., the student will receive a letter via email from UC San Diego stating that he/she has been advanced to candidacy along with a copy of the completed JDP Form 3.  Information on UC San Diego  Theses “Bluebook” located on the Dissertation & Thesis Submission website

Steps to Complete the JDP Form 3:

  • Complete the top portion of the form with your contact information.
  • Enter the date in which you have completed ALL predissertation requirements (e.g. successful completion of core coursework, second year project completed, pass date for your Clinical Comprehensive Exam, pass date for your Emphasis Comprehensive Exam, or your dissertation proposal defense date.  All of these requirements must be completed in order to advance to candidacy.  Therefore, use the date in which the last requirement was successfully completed.)
  • Bring your JDP Form 3 with you to your dissertation proposal and have them sign it in blue or black ink.
    • *PLEASE NOTE: If you defend your dissertation proposal BEFORE you have successfully completed your core coursework, turned in your second year project & signed cover sheet, passed your Clinical Comprehensive Exam, and/or passed your Emphasis Comprehensive Exam, you should still have your committee members sign the form and indicate whether or not the defense has been passed at your proposal defense. Leave the date blank for now where is asks if “The members of the Joint Doctoral Committee for the Qualifying Examination report that the candidate has completed all predissertation requirements in the major and taken the qualifying examination on (date)”. Please hold onto your form until all requirements have been met.  At that time, enter the date in which ALL these requirements have been successfully completed, then follow the directions posted below.
  • Enter “Clinical Psychology” as the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.
  • Get signatures from the JDP Co-Directors (the Program Coordinators at SDSU and UC San Diego can assist you with this).
  • Once the form has been signed by the program directors, the candidacy fee must be paid in person at the UC San Diego Cashier’s Office.  The fee is only $50 (not $90 as indicated on the form) and can be paid with cash or check only.  The UC San Diego Cashier’s Office is located on the first floor of the Student Services building and there should be metered parking right out front.
  • After you pay the candidacy fee, enter the date that you plan to complete your dissertation by (this can simply be a month and year) then sign and date the form.
  • The last step for completing the JDP Form 3 is to send it to Patrick Walls for the SDSU Dean of Graduate and Research Affairs’ signature.  You can either send this directly to Pat or you can drop it off with Lynsey Miller, SDSU Program Coordinator who can forward it to Pat.
  • Once the SDSU Dean approves your form, it will automatically be sent to UC San Diego for final approval.  You will receive a letter of approval by email from the Graduate Division at UC San Diego.
Advancement to Candidacy Fee

The JDP will reimburse all students for the Advancement to Candidacy Fee ($50), required by UC San Diego in order to Advance to Candidacy. Once the JDP Form 3 is filed, the UC San Diego Program Coordinator will submit a reimbursement request.

JDP Form 3 PDF  

Updated 2/11/2020