Nomination of the Doctoral Committee for Qualifying Examinations for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology

This form is for the nomination of the dissertation committee.  It must be approved and signed by the co-directors as well as both graduate division deans. The committee must be approved before a dissertation proposal can be defended.  Committee signatures are not required on this form.  Since the form requires the titles of the committee members, students must check with each one to be sure the listing is correct.  Although the website may be checked, there is a good chance there have been promotions since this information was listed.

For Dissertation Committee Membership requirements and a list of UC San Diego faculty titles allowed to serve on committees, please refer to the Dissertation Committee webpage under the Student Handbook.

Now that the form is online, please complete the fillable PDF form then email it to both Program Coordinators from UC San Diego and SDSU. You will receive a confirmation email once your committee has been submitted for approval online.  The online form will automatically be routed to both co-Directors for electronic approval.  Once they approve your form, it will be routed to the SDSU Dean and then to the UC San Diego Dean for final approval.  You will receive an email notification from UC San Diego once your committee has been approved.

Academic Specialty Requirement: At least two members of your committee must represent academic specialties that differ from your chosen specialty.  Remember that faculty members could have more than one specialty and therefore may be different for each student depending on the dissertation.  The academic specialties should represent the expertise each committee member brings to the table.  Below is an example for your reference.  You do not have to follow the example listed, just make sure the academic specialties are specific enough so that you meet the requirement of having at least two members who have specialties that differ from yours.

  • Niloofar Afari: PTSD, Chronic Pain
  • Joseph Price: Developmental Psychopathology
  • Scott Roesch: Structural Equation Modeling, Stress and Coping
  • Steven Thorp: PTSD
  • Julie Wetherall: Chronic Pain, Anxiety

Please note:  If an outside professor is chosen to serve as a member of the dissertation committee that professor must be affiliated with a doctoral program in order to be approved by the graduate divisions.  Neither graduate dean will approve professors who are not affiliated, and the student will be required to nominate someone else. Some academic appointment categories may not “count” toward the five member committee requirement. For example, UC San Diego faculty who are in the Health Sciences Clinical Professor series are not permitted to serve as one of the required five members of the committee without  special approval of the UC San Diego Graduate Dean; however, such faculty may serve as a sixth member.  In addition, an adjunct faculty member may not be the sole chair of a dissertation committee; there must always be a co-chair.  The major reason students need to submit JDP-2 Form early is the ensure that a “legal” committee has been nominated.

JDP-2 Form – Fillable PDF