Tuition and fees are covered by the program through a combination of resources each year until the internship is completed. If a student must enroll to defend their dissertation during the summer or fall semester after the completion of their internship, the student is responsible for paying the tuition charges, not the program. Also, the program does not cover registration of students during the summer; students who desire to take summer courses must pay for these themselves.

Where Tuition and Fees are Paid: 
All students have their tuition/fees paid at either SDSU or UC San Diego, but never at both. Once a student has been assigned to pay tuition/fees at one university or the other, tuition/fees will be paid at that university for the entire academic year. Whether a student pays tuition/fees at SDSU or UC San Diego depends on many factors including the mentor’s home institution, if the student is an international student, and how a student’s stipend is being paid.

Note that there is no difference in requirements, courses, practicum placements, the amount of time it takes to obtain a degree, or any other aspect of the JDP experience for students who pay tuition/fees at SDSU versus UC San Diego. There are some details, such as where students are eligible for health insurance, that differ or change based on where tuition/fees are paid. These issues must be considered when students are switched from one institution to the other.

It is important that a student knows where their tuition/fees are paid each year. If any issues arise, how the problem is solved often differs based on where the tuition/fees are being paid.

For students whose tuition/fees are paid at SDSU: There is an additional charge of mandatory student fees that must be paid each semester. These fees vary each year but can be found under SDSU’s Student Account Services: Tuition and Other Fees webpage: (refer to the tuition and fees for Graduate Students and subtract the basic tuition from the total). Please coordinate with your mentor and/or fund administrator to pay your mandatory student fees before the start of SDSU classes each semester. The SDSU Program Coordinator will provide information on how to pay the mandatory student fees prior to the start of each semester.

Updated 8/21/2019