JDP Incentive Awards

All currently enrolled JDP students are eligible to receive the following JDP Incentive Awards.

JDP Advancement/Enhancement Award

Funds are available to promote student advancement and enhance their educational experience.  These funds may help defray the costs of presenting original research at conferences, or other student enrichment activities such as specialized training or internship interviews.  Students are eligible for one Incentive Award per academic year from UC San Diego. The academic year runs July 1 to June 30 and the award is $500 maximum per year. No receipts are required.

NOTE: The JDP Advancement/Enhancement Award funds cannot be used to support any presentation or enrichment activities that take place in a California banned state. For a current list of banned states, go to: https://www.csustan.edu/financial-support-services-gateway/staff-faculty/banned-states-assembly-bill-1887

To apply for a JDP Incentive Award, email a request for the award along with a copy of your acceptance letter/email (or registration etc.) to Kristin Deveraux (kdeveraux@ucsd.edu).  This email should include the student’s name, name of the conference (or training/interview), the name of the student’s accepted presentation, and conference date(s) and location.  Disbursements are in stipend form, generated from the Graduate Division.  If the student does not have direct deposit (set up through their Tritonlink account), the check will go to the UC San Diego JDP office and will need to be picked up or can be mailed to the student.

Please Note: The support time limit for doctoral students at UC San Diego is 6 years.  Therefore, students will not be eligible for UC San Diego funds starting their 7th year in the program.

JDP 1st Author Publication Award

The JDP Publication Award will present you with a $100 supplemental stipend for each 1st author paper  accepted/published in a peer-reviewed journal while enrolled in our JDP.  Please note, this is for accepted/published, 1st author manuscripts in a peer-reviewed journal – not for “submitted” papers.

To receive this award email the Program Coordinators: Kristin Deveraux (kdeveraux@health.ucsd.edu) and Lynsey Miller (lmiller@sdsu.edu) requesting it, along with your citation(s).  We will update our website with recent publications and award you with $100 for each.  There is currently no cap on the dollar amount you may receive.

JDP Grant Submission Award

The JDP Grant Submission Award will reward you with a $100 supplemental stipend each time you submit a major grant proposal that will fund you for at least one year in the program (F31, NSF, Private Foundation, etc.). You must submit the grant while enrolled in our JDP.  Please note, this is for any new grant submission (first submission only).

To receive this award, email the Program Coordinators: Kristin Deveraux (kdeveraux@health.ucsd.edu) and Lynsey Miller (lmiller@sdsu.edu) requesting it, along with proof that your grant was successfully submitted. If the grant is not an F31 or NSF fellowship application, but rather is from a Private Foundation or other funding source, please include documentation to show that the grant, if funded, will support you for at least one year in the program.


Additional Program Support

The JDP reimburses students for the following program-related requirements:

  • Advancement to Candidacy Fee ($50) – Required by UC San Diego in order to Advance to Candidacy
  • Internship Match & Application Fees ($628 for the 2020-2021 academic year) – Covers the APPIC Match Fee required when applying for internship as well as up to 15 internship applications. 
  • PhD Graduation Application Fee ($100) – Required by SDSU in order to apply to graduate.

Updated 9/10/2020