Documenting Practicum Experience

The Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) website provides important information regarding the documenting of practicum experiences and the internship process. Students should become familiar with this information before actually beginning practicum. It is necessary to document hours on a weekly basis, as each practicum is done, rather than trying to reconstruct it later.

Counting Clinical Hours Towards Internship

The program has an institutional membership to Time2Track ( that is provided for students to track practicum hours. Information is provided to students at the beginning of the practicum year to start or renew their Time2Track account.

In general, to count practicum hours toward the APPIC internship application these hours must be supervised by a licensed psychologist who is a member of our faculty. Vertical/umbrella supervision is permitted (e.g. by a postdoc who is supervised by one of our faculty).

Accruing Clinical Hours in the Context of Research Activities

Students may accrue clinical hours in the context of research activities. In order to count these hours toward the JDP’s required minimum of 500 clinical hours before internship application, to report these hours in the APPIC application when applying for internship, and to ultimately have these hours count toward licensure requirements, the hours must be supervised by a licensed psychologist with a faculty appointment at either SDSU or UCSD who is affiliated with the JDP.  Supervisors must be in good standing both with the licensure board and the academic institution of their faculty appointment.

Supervision Requirements:

Individual supervision is required for research activities being counted for clinical hours. The individual supervision provided should reflect around 25% of time in direct service (e.g., one hour of supervision for 4-5 hours of direct services hours).

The supervisor will be required to follow the guidelines for practica supervisors including:

  • Direct Observation Requirement: Every semester, all students accruing clinical hours must receive some direct observation of their practice by their primary supervisor. Practicum students must be observed at least once per semester through either live in-person observation (e.g., in-room or one-way mirror observation of direct service contact), live simultaneous audio-video streaming, recorded video, or recorded audio.
  • Evaluation Requirements: All students accruing clinical hours in a research setting will be evaluated twice per year by their primary supervisor using standardized JDP practicum evaluation forms (in late December and late June). These will be sent to the supervisor via Adobe Sign.
  • Verification of Hours: Supervisors will be required to sign off on a verification of student  hours at the end of the academic year.

Procedure: Prior to the initiation of research activities for clinical hours, students will submit a form to request approval.

Form to Request Clinical Hours in the Context of Research Activities

Last updated 6/24/2022