All JDP students are eligible to earn the MS in Clinical Psychology from SDSU.  The degree will involve no additional courses or petitions for course substitution.

The specific requirements to earn this degree, as stated in the SDSU Graduate Bulletin, are as follows:

A minimum of 36 units in psychology to include Psychology 770A-770B, 801, 820, 840, 849, 850, 855, 856, UC San Diego Clinical Psychology 227A (Mind, Brain, and Behavior I), and 896. UC San Diego Clinical Psychology 227B (Mind, Brain, and Behavior II) and Psychology 897 are optional. Completion of the second year project and approval by a committee consisting of a minimum of three faculty members representing both SDSU and UC San Diego. For this degree only, all approvals and advancement to candidacy will be completed by the program director of the joint doctoral program.

NOTE: The following exceptions can be made to the requirements listed above:

  • PSY 860 can be taken in lieu of CLIN 227A
  • CLIN 228 (MBB II – Psychiatry Emphasis) is also an optional course
How to Apply for MS Graduation at SDSU

SDSU officially graduates students at the end of the fall, spring, and summer terms. Students apply to graduate for the term in which they plan to complete all requirements for the degree. For more information on how to apply to graduate and application filing periods, please visit the SDSU Office of Advising & Evaluations website at:

Students must inform the SDSU Program Coordinator when/if they plan to apply for the MS degree. If a student must postpone award of the degree for any reason, she/he must re-apply for graduation and pay the application fee again in the semester she/he is expecting to receive it.

Once all degree requirements have been met and submitted to the program, (refer to the JDP Submission Guidelines on the Second Year Project webpage), the SDSU Program Coordinator will complete and submit the required paperwork to the Graduate Affairs.

According to the Office of Advising & Evaluations, “At the end of the term for which you have applied to graduate, the Office of Advising and Evaluations will review your records. Once we have confirmed completion of requirements, your degree will be posted to your academic record. Approximately one to two weeks after the end of the term, you will receive an email notification from the SDSU Office of Advising and Evaluations of the status of your degree.

Updated 7/16/2019