The Steering Committee serves as the primary policy-making body of the program and provides overall direction. It is composed of three faculty members from each university and both Co-DCTs (Director of Clinical Training); the department chairs of psychology (SDSU) and psychiatry (UC San Diego) serve in an ex officio capacity. In addition to policy-making, the Steering Committee determines if a student needs to be put on or removed from probation, or if a student must be terminated.

Current membership includes:

  • V. Robin Weersing, Chair (SDSU)
  • Lauren Brookman-Frazee, Co-DCT (UC San Diego)
  • Linda Gallo (SDSU)
  • Ariel Lang (UC San Diego)
  • Vanessa Malcarne, Co-DCT (SDSU)
  • David Moore (UC San Diego)
  • Miguel Villodas (SDSU)
  • Tamara Wall (UC San Diego)

Ex-officio members:

  • Jeff Daskalakis (UC San Diego)
  • Paul Gilbert (SDSU)