Supervisor Drs. Jeff Poizner/Leslie Morland
Facility VISN 22 Telemental Health Center
Address Aspire Center – VA San Diego Healthcare System, 2121 San Diego Avenue, San Diego, CA 92110
Phone 619-497-8406
Email or
Placement Type Outpatient VA clinic that connects Veteran and provider using innovative technology to increase access to rural and remote Veterans.
Patient Type

Practicum students will work directly with male and female Veterans who are referred for specialty services, specifically evidence based treatment for PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, etc.  Our site is uniquely set up to work with rural and remote Veterans in need a of specialty care who due to distance or other barriers are not able to get this service in their local VA setting. Therefore these services are provided using video teleconferencing from our VA site located in Old Town San Diego to the veteran’s home-site – which can span from El Centro San Diego up through Santa Barbara, California.   We also provide home based services using video teleconferencing into the Veteran’s home. Our team of providers work with the Veteran directly and often will collaborate with their treatment providers at their home site.

Experience Type

Students will have the unique opportunity to learn evidence based treatments and then have the opportunity to provide individual evidence based treatment to veterans using innovative technology.  Our team of providers which include 8 psychologists, 2 social workers and 1 psychiatrist, are all trained to provide a range of evidence based care as their specialty. Weekly supervision includes tape review for treatment fidelity. Students will learn not only about evidence based psychotherapy but will also learn the unique skills required to provide services to underserved rural communities as well as the Veteran population. They will learn to develop skills necessary to work with various cultural groups in a unique way.  In addition to advanced therapeutic interventions, students will have an opportunity to utilize skills for using videoconferencing to clinics and veteran’s homes to provide care with innovative technology which is the keystone of this cutting edge program.

Number Of Students 1
Experience Necessary We prefer advanced practicum students who are ready to apply their knowledge to the specific acquisition of evidence based psychotherapy.  Previous training in cognitive behavioral therapies is required. This is considered a specialty clinic and a strong cognitive behavioral foundation is optimal for a student entering this site.
Time Commitment One 10-hour day or two 5-hour days
Practicum Length Preference is 12 months in order to learn and then apply evidence based therapy. A 6-month practicum student would be considered.
Start Date 7/1/2021
Limiting Factors Only Mon-Thursday time is available. No other limiting factors. Parking and office space available and easy.
Other Issues This is an innovative program that has been developed to reach rural and hard to access Veterans with PTSD and other conditions. The student would get exceptional training on not just the provision of evidence based psychotherapy but also on using technology as a way to increase access to rural and remote populations.
Description Revised 03/30/2021