Supervisor Mark Jacobson, PhD
Facility VA San Diego Healthcare System – Polytrauma Outpatient, and Inpatient Psychology Services
Address Veterans Affairs Medical Center – La Jolla
Phone (858) 642-3765 cell:  619 871-4848
Email OR
Placement Type VA outpatient mental health (assessment/individual therapy) and VA inpatient Psychiatry service (assessment/group therapy)
Patient Type

1) Outpatient veterans (all ages) who have co-morbid cognitive & psychiatric conditions. These include cognitive deficits from TBI, stroke, ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Neurocognitive Disorders (Fronto-temporal, Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body), & Learning Disorders. Psychiatric conditions include adjustment/anxiety/ mood disorders, PTSD, Bipolar, Personality disorders, other Severe Mental Health conditions.

2) Inpatient veterans hospitalized with acute psychiatric illnesses—same characteristics as outpatients (above.)

Experience Type

Outpatient activities are approximately 75% of time including both assessment and intervention hours:

1) Neurocognitive Assessment: Brief, flexible neuropsych battery used for differential diagnosis, to identify best fit for treatment programs, provide assistance with academic problems, to develop individual therapy programs.

2)  Psychological Assessment (MMPI2/RF, MCMI, PAI) to assist with differential diagnosis, treatment planning, and to identify other sources of functional deficits reflecting mood, personality vs. neurocognitive etiologies.

3) Short-Term Therapy utilizing feedback from assessment to provide training in compensatory cognitive strategies, and CBT for Attention/Concentration deficits.

Inpatient activities are approx. 25% of time including assessments (as above) and inpatient group therapy (CBT-based) but may be limited depending on your practicum day. Inpatient therapy coordinated with Dr. Andrew Bismark.


  • Diagnostic interviewing, conducting effective feedback & psychoeducation sessions.
  • Brief individual psychotherapy, and group inpatient psychotherapy (CBT-based)
  • Using neurocognitive/psych assessments to develop integrated reports
  • Formulating comprehensive test batteries and creating treatment plans based on assessment findings.
  • Interacting w/ psychiatric interdisciplinary rounds, inpatient milieu, and multi-disciplinary teams (Wed & Fri only).
Number Of Students Limited to ONE practicum student. Individual supervision is primary as trainees work directly with psychologist. Some tiered supervision experience also occurs with intern and post-docs as available.
Experience Necessary Some familiarity with neuropsychological assessment will help to maximize opportunity for clinical hours.
Time Commitment

8 hours. WED, THURS, FRI ONLY. Attendance at inpatient treatment team and case conferences depend on schedule.

Practicum Length Full Year, 48-week commitment. Schedule can accommodate internship interviewing/ early start dates.
Start Date 7/1/2021. If face-to-face meetings are discontinued next fall, activities will shift to in-office video/phone appointments to conduct intake interviews and to offer brief psychotherapy/ psychoeducational activities.
Limiting Factors

Wed – Fri only

Description Revised 03/22/2021