Supervisor Andrew W. Bismark, PhD
Facility VA San Diego Healthcare System – Inpatient Psychology Services
Address Veterans Affairs Medical Center – La Jolla
Phone (858) 245-5825
Email OR
Placement Type VA inpatient Psychiatry service (brief therapy & assessment/cognitive screens) and/or VA transitional outpatient psychology service (brief therapy)
Patient Type

1) Inpatient veterans hospitalized with acute psychiatric illnesses (mostly psychosis, PTSD, Bipolar, Addiction, Depression, Personality Disorders, co-morbidities) needing psychological intervention and/or assessment.

2) Outpatient veterans (all ages) who are transitioning from acute inpatient to outpatient mental health services. Individuals frequently present with co-morbid psychiatric concerns (substance use, adjustment/ mood disorders, PTSD, Bipolar, Personality disorders, Severe Mental Health conditions).

Experience Type

1) Short-Term individual and group therapy utilizing evidence based practice with particular emphasis on CBT, ACT, MI, DBT, and behavioral intervention models for treatment (re)engagement, skill building, psychiatric stabilization, and functional improvement for transition back into community.

2)  Psychological Assessment and brief cognitive screening to assist with differential diagnosis, treatment planning, and to identify whether functional deficits reflect mood, personality and/or cognitive etiologies.

3) Program evaluation and development of ongoing inpatient group therapy with emphasis on evidence based practice interventions.

4) Experience interacting and consulting with interdisciplinary teams.

5) Experience with individual and group supervision models (as applicable) as well as horizontal and vertical supervision opportunities. Primary emphasis is on individualized supervision.

6) Potential experience with research investigating predictors of treatment engagement and rehospitalization.*

7) Potential experience for providing group and individual psychotherapy for individuals undergoing neuromodulation sessions (e.g. TMS, Ketamine).*
Training goals: a) gain assessment experience in diagnostic interviewing, brief assessment screening/interviewing, selecting individual assessment measures, interpretation of assessment results/inventories and completing integrated reports based on clinical and actuarial assessments b) gain experience in brief individual and group interventions and skill building techniques with acutely ill and high comorbid populations c) communicating assessment/treatment results and recommendations via interdisciplinary presentation and written treatment plans.

* determined by schedule, student training and experience

Number Of Students Limited to one practicum student per year (1 day/week) to maximize training, supervision and clinical hours.
Experience Necessary Completed graduate assessment training and at least one year of therapy practicum experience, and general psych assessment experience.
Time Commitment Approx. 7 – 8 hours.
Practicum Length Full Year 46-48 week commitment is the goal. Schedule can accommodate interviewing/internship start dates.
Start Date 07/01/2021
Limiting Factors None
Other Issues
Description Revised 03/15/2021