Supervisor Thomas Rutledge, PhD, ABPP
Facility VA Weight Control Clinic/Diabetes/Chronic pain
Address VA San Diego Healthcare System
Phone 858-552-8585 x7273
Placement Type VA Outpatient clinic
Patient Type Veterans seeking services for weight management, diabetes, and/or chronic pain at VASDHS.
Experience Type

1) Student will work as member of the weight control clinic, involving 1:1 therapies (motivational interviewing & CBT intensive) for weight loss, binge eating, & emotional eating. Students will also lead groups for weight loss and bariatric surgery, attend clinic rounds, and perform pre & post-bariatric evaluations.

2) Students will participate in 1:1 and group education treatments for patients managing diabetes and attend weekly multidisciplinary diabetes clinic team meetings.

3) The chronic pain clinic portion of the rotation consists of individual assessments of patients under consideration for opioid therapies and implantable devices (spinal column stimulator, pain pumps) and providing evidenced-based therapies for pain management. Students will also attend up to three separate multidisciplinary rounds per month for case presentations and treatment planning.

Number Of Students 1
Experience Necessary Experience with testing and clinical interviewing is desirable
Time Commitment 10 hours/week
Practicum Length Full Year
Start Date 7/1/2021
Limiting Factors Due to current clinic scheduling, the rotation requires availability on Wednesday, Thursday afternoons, and/or Fridays. Based on the student’s schedule preferences, the practicum requires either a Wednesday & Thursday, or a Thursday & Friday attendance. All clinics can provide services in telephone or telehealth formats.
Other Issues

Rotation strengths include: 1) Treatment and assessment experience with three core behavioral medicine problems; 2) Mixed patient interactions, including assessments, group and individual treatments, group education and teaching experience; 3) Substantial multidisciplinary experience as a psychologist working in three different medical clinics; 4) The practicum student will work in the clinics with two interns and 1-2 fellows, providing a shared training experience. The VA typically offers workshops to trainees each year on topics such as motivational interviewing and supervision.

Rotation limitations: Clinic time is highly structured with activities falling on Wednesdays (9:00-4:00), Thursday afternoons (11:00 am- 3:30 pm) and Fridays (9:00 am-5:00 pm). Students are not expected to be available at all of these times. The patient population in VA is 75%+ male and ethnically diverse.

Description Revised 03/16/2021