Supervisor Julie Kangas, Ph.D.
Veronica Kassab, Ph.D.
Facility San Diego VA – Mission Valley, General Mental Health
Address 8810 Rio San Diego Dr. 116A4Z
Phone 619-400-5174 (Dr. Kangas)
Placement Type VA Behavioral Health Integration Program (BHIP)
Patient Type

Students would work with a General Mental Health population (BHIP clinic), meaning they will have the ability to pick from a waitlist including depression, anxiety, PTSD (using CPT), substance use issues (typically not full SUDs), anger/emotion regulation difficulties, insomnia, health co-morbidities, and relationship problems. We will select cases according to students’ interests and training needs. Additionally, students can co-lead one of the many groups, or do diagnostic intakes, according to their interest.  

Consultation: We do have a multidisciplinary team, suited for consultation.

Supervision: Supervisory experience could be arranged with a medical student (psychiatry fellow) or peer support specialist, depending on levels of expertise and mutual benefit.

Experience Type Individual therapy, diagnostic evaluations/intake, and group therapy – specializing in CBT/ACT modalities (CBT, CBTi, CPT, ACT, DBT skills, MI, mindfulness-based interventions, MBSR)
Number Of Students 1-2
Experience Necessary CBT knowledge/experience
Time Commitment 10 hours – can be one long day as many supervisors are on site 7-5:30, or two part days are recommended
Practicum Length Full year
Start Date 7/7/2021
Limiting Factors Due to COVID-19, there continues to be requirements to work from home, which has not limited the current practicum students from obtaining hours. Policies may change to include in-person availability. We will keep you updated on the situation.
Other Issues Our location will move from Mission Valley to Kearney Mesa in ~November 2021. Please be aware of this potential site change.
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