Supervisor Melissa Muñoz, PhD & Kristen Dwyer, PhD
Facility San Diego VA – Chula Vista, General Mental Health
Address 353 H Street, Chula Vista, CA 91910
Phone Dr. Muñoz: 619-476-6011; Dr. Dwyer: 619-476-6078
Email &
Placement Type VA Behavioral Health Integration Program (BHIP)
Patient Type

Welcome to Chula Vista BHIP as a part of the VA San Diego Healthcare system! Trainees have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clinical presentations from our from our General Mental Health population (BHIP clinic). Possible clinical presentations include: depression, anxiety, PTSD (using CPT or PE), substance use issues (typically not full SUDs), anger/emotion regulation difficulties, insomnia, health co-morbidities, and relationship problems. We will select cases according to trainees’ interests and training needs. We are flexible in trainees’ working toward their own clinical goals which may additionally include: individual therapy, co-leading groups, consulting in a multidisciplinary team, and completing diagnostic intakes. There is a possibility to gain experience with neuropsychological evaluations as Dr. Dwyer is planning to initiate this service for the VA’s South County Veterans.

The Chula Vista BHIP clinic additionally has an incredibly diverse Veteran population including racial/ethnically diverse (>50%), age ranges (approximately 20-75 years old), Social Economic Status, and LGBTQ+ Veterans. Trainees are highly encouraged to work alongside their supervisors to incorporate the multi-facets of diversity into their case conceptualizations utilizing different cultural models (i.e., Hays ADDRESSING Model) to implement the best Veteran
-centered care.

Additionally, clinical specializations include CBT-I, Social Skills Training, trauma treatment, and neuropsychological evaluations (Dr. Kristen Dwyer) as well as Interpersonal Processing therapy/ DBT Skillsets (Dr. Melissa Muñoz).

Experience Type Individual therapy, diagnostic evaluations/intake, and group therapy – specializing in CBT/ACT/IPT modalities (CBT, CBTi, CPT, ACT, DBT skills, MI, Interpersonal Processing Therapy); possibly neuropsychological evaluations


Number Of Students 1-2
Experience Necessary CBT knowledge/experience; some testing experienced preferred but not required
Time Commitment 10 hours – can be one long day as many supervisors are on site 7-5:30, or two part days are recommended
Practicum Length Full Year 
Start Date 07/05/2021
Limiting Factors None
Other Issues Due to COVID-19, there may be a requirement to work from home and the VA has not yet approved practicum students working from home with patient care. We will keep you updated on the situation.
Description Revised 03/23/2021