Supervisor Elizabeth Twamley, Ph.D.
Facility Village Family Health Center (formerly St Vincent De Paul Medical Clinic)
Address 1501 Imperial Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone 619-543-6684
Placement Type Outpatient Medical Clinic
Patient Type

Sheltered homeless individuals with multiple interacting risk factors for cognitive and functional impairment (e.g., psychiatric disorder, substance use disorder, TBI, medical risk factors, intellectual disability, learning disability). The patient population is very diverse in terms of age, gender, education, race/ethnicity, comorbid medical and psychiatric conditions, and level of functioning.

Experience Type

We focus on brief neuropsychological assessments (typically 60-90 minutes) and brief reports in a medical clinic serving residents of Father Joe’s Villages, the largest homeless shelter in southern California. Assessments often have immediate impact in terms of establishing eligibility for disability benefits, supported employment programs, etc.
Typical assessments include a clinical interview, IQ screening, neuropsychological assessments, and/or achievement testing. Diagnostic assessments for psychiatric disorders are done occasionally as well. The student will typically complete 2 brief assessments per month.
The clinic is located downtown and parking is free.

Assessment procedures may be via telehealth depending on COVID-related policies.

Supervision is provided by Dr. Twamley.

Consultation: Peer consultation is routine, as there is typically more than one person working on each case. Consultation with other professionals is not common due to very limited opportunity to meet with providers.

Number Of Students 2-3
Experience Necessary

Neuropsychology track students at any level of training are welcome to participate. Students from other tracks who are interested in neuropsychological assessment will also be considered.

Time Commitment This is a once a month placement that will require 5 hours in person (testing and supervision) and 5 hours on the student’s own time (scoring/report-writing).
Practicum Length One-year
Start Date July 1, 2021
Limiting Factors Must be available at least one Friday per month from 12:30-5:30 pm.
Other Issues

This is meant to be an opportunity for students to gain additional assessment and report-writing experience in a unique setting. Recent students who have worked in this setting include Anny Reyes, Mark Sanderson-Cimino and Zanjbeel Mahmood.

Description Revised 03/15/2021