Supervisor J. Vincent Filoteo, PhD, Dawn M. Schiehser, PhD, Natacha Akshoomoff, PhD, and Eva Turk, PhD
Facility Advanced Practicum in Neuropsychological Assessment-UCSD Neuropsychological Associates (NPA)
Address Guava Building, UCSD Medical School Campus (Main Campus)
Phone Dr. Filoteo, 858-642-1122
Placement Type UCSD Outpatient NPA Clinic
Patient Type

NPA evaluates a wide range of patients including individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease (pre and post neurosurgical interventions), epilepsy, and psychiatric conditions.  In addition, NPA is now evaluating pediatric cases with a number of different neurologic and psychiatric conditions.  Referrals come from both UCSD-  and community-based clinicians, allowing students to be exposed to a wide variety of neuropsychological patients that are often more representative of typical neuropsychological referrals at a university-based neuropsychological clinic.

Experience Type

This highly flexible practicum is geared toward students who are looking to obtain additional, advanced training in neuropsychological assessment prior to leaving for internship.  The NPA advanced practicum has a number of advantages over other neuropsychological placements including (1) practicum students can be more selective about the types of cases they evaluate, (2) greater direct contact with faculty in terms of case supervision (e.g., students can observe patient interview by faculty), (3) experience in neuropsychological practice within a university-based outpatient practice, and (4) flexibility in terms of when students evaluate patients and receive supervision.

Number Of Students 3 to 4
Experience Necessary Advanced students who have already taken the practicum through the VA Neuropsychological Assessment Unit and have completed all coursework in neuropsychology.
Time Commitment Flexible, but no more than 10 hours per week.  Will depend on the frequency of patient evaluations, although a minimum of 6 patients will be likely be required.
Practicum Length Flexible
Start Date Flexible, preference to start in July or August
Limiting Factors None
Other Issues None
Description Revised 03/04/2019