Supervisor Carrie McDonald, PhD, ABPP-CN
Facility Neuropsychological Assessment Clinic in Oncology at Moores Cancer Center (MCC; Bamboo Clinic)
Address 3960 Health Sciences Drive, San Diego, CA 92093
Phone 858-534-2678
Placement Type Outpatient Clinic at Moores Cancer Center/ ROPCC
Patient Type

Students will evaluate a variety of adults with primary and metastatic brain tumors, as well as patients with other types of cancer who are referred from Radiation Oncology, Neuro-oncology, Psychiatry and Medical Oncology in a comprehensive cancer center setting or through zoom to assist with treatment planning and rehabilitation. Once a month, the clinic sees patients with epilepsy who are considering neurosurgical resection of the epileptic region.

Experience Type

Students will have the unique opportunity to evaluate patients in an outpatient hospital setting as part of a multidisciplinary neuro-oncology treatment team. Students will have the opportunity to observe Dr. McDonald perform the clinical interviews and will work closely with Dr. McDonald to design the appropriate neuropsychological batteries.

Consultation: Students will also have the opportunity to attend weekly Brain Tumor Board meetings and Epilepsy Patient Management Conference where individual patient care decisions. Options are also available for shadowing a radiation oncologist during treatment planning and attending patient feedback sessions.

Number Of Students 7-8 students (1 full evaluation each per month; a second day is dedicated to report writing/supervision).
Experience Necessary Experience with administering and scoring a wide range of neuropsychological tests is needed.  Experience with integrated report writing is preferred.
Time Commitment 8 hours every other week; 1 day of testing/scoring and one full day of supervision/report writing
Practicum Length A one-year commitment is required for this practicum.
Start Date July 1, 2021
Limiting Factors

This is a Friday clinic at MCC. Brief evaluations for radiation planning will be performed on Friday mornings (typically 9:00-12:00). Some evaluations are longer and may last until 2:00. On occasion, other clinic days can be scheduled, pending the student’s schedule and the availability of clinic space. Students are encouraged to attend Brain Tumor Boards at MCC from 12-1 on Fridays or Epilepsy Case Conference from 4:00-6:00 every other Tuesday (if they are seeing a presurgical epilepsy patient).

Other Issues If services have not returned to normal by July 1, 2020, tele-health opportunities will be available for interviewing and possibly abbreviated neuropsychological testing.
Description Revised 03/09/2021