Note: This practicum will have a new supervisor for 2021-2022. Interested students should contact the Practicum Coordinator (Mike Taylor) for details.

Supervisor TBD
Facility Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Service
Address 3020 Children’s Way Mailcode 5107 San Diego 92123
Phone 858 576-1700 x8507
Placement Type Child and adolescent inpatient psychiatric facility
Patient Type The patients in this setting are children usually no younger than the age of 4 and no older than the age of 17. They have been admitted to this inpatient facility for treatment of acute, and often severe, psychiatric disorders.
Experience Type A student in this setting would be expected to engage in both psychological assessment and in intervention. With testing, students will take responsibility for administering a wide variety of tests, including cognitive measures as well as personality instruments. With regard to individual therapy, students will also have the opportunity to provide CBT, DBT and MI as part of each child/adolescent treatment plan. Students will also have opportunities to co-facilitate either a CBT or DBT group; groups are offered Wednesday and Friday.
Number Of Students 2 or 3
Experience Necessary It is preferable for students to have some testing experience and to have familiarity with the basic principles of psychotherapy
Time Commitment 10 hours per week
Practicum Length Full Year
Start Date 7/1/2021 but flexible
Limiting Factors Multidisciplinary treatment team meetings are daily and times vary by day and team, but are usually between 9:30 and 10:30am.
Other Issues
Description Revised 04/12/2021