Supervisor Nader Amir, Ph.D.
Facility Center for Understanding and Treating Anxiety (CUTA)
Address 6386 Alvarado Court, San Diego Ca, 92120
Phone 619-229-3740
Placement Type Outpatient clinic
Patient Type Individuals with the primary diagnosis of Anxiety disorder
Experience Type

Diagnostic assessment, conduct individual and group Empirically supported CBT interventions, OCD intensive

Supervision: During group supervision students will interact with of post-doctoral fellows and other students

Consultation: Consultation with psychiatrists is commonly involved in treatment

Number Of Students 2 advanced
Experience Necessary Familiarity with EST
Time Commitment 10 hours
Practicum Length Full Year
Start Date 07/01/2021
Limiting Factors Supervision Tuesdays at 1pm
Other Issues
Updated 03/15/2021