We have three Major Areas of Study:

The table below is a comprehensive list of faculty who have appointments to our Clinical Psychology program. Please click HERE for a List of Faculty Interested in Taking a Student for Fall 2023.

↕First Name ↕Last Name ↕Affiliation ↕Major Area(s) of Study ↕Research Area Key Words
Gregory Aarons UC San Diego BMed/EP Implementation Science; Child Neglect; HIV Prevention; International
Niloofar Afari UC San Diego BMed/EP Pain; Obesity; Trauma; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; eHealth Technology; Veterans
Natacha Akshoomoff UC San Diego Neuro Pediatric Neuropsychology; Preterm Birth; Academic Development; Children; Prenatal Substance Exposure; Rare Genetic Syndromes; Autism Spectrum Disorders
Nader Amir SDSU EP Anxiety Disorders; Interventions; Etiology
Greg Appelbaum UC San Diego Neuro/EP Cognitive Neuroscience; Neuroimaging; EEG; Neurostimulation
Elva Arredondo SDSU BMed Latino families; Cancer Screening; Physical Activity Promotion; Health Disparities; Dissemination and Implementation Science
Catherine Ayers UC San Diego EP Hoarding Disorders; Interventions; Lifespan
Katherine Bangen UC San Diego Neuro Neuroimaging; Aging; Mild Cognitive Impairment; Dementia; Alzheimer’s Disease
Sarah Banks UC San Diego Neuro Alzheimer's; PET; MRI; Cognition; Aging
Ursula Bellugi UC San Diego Neuro Language; Cognition; Cognitive Neuroscience
Aaron Blashill SDSU BMed/EP Body Image, Sexual Orientation, HIV, Eating Pathology, Skin Cancer Prevention, Anabolic Steroids, Health Disparities, Medication Adherence
Cinnamon Bloss UC San Diego BMed/EP Biomedical Technology; Genetics; Biomedical Ethics; Mobile Health
Jessica Bomyea UC San Diego EP/NP PTSD; Anxiety; Cognition; Neuroimaging
Mark Bondi UC San Diego Neuro Aging; Dementia; Neuroimaging; Older Adults; Alzheimer’s Disease
Kerri Boutelle UC San Diego BMed/EP Obesity; Eating Disorders; Children; Adolescents; Parenting Interventions; Cue Reactivity
Lauren Brookman-Frazee UC San Diego EP Implementation Science; Community Effectiveness and Implementation Trials; Children’s Mental Health Services; Community Services for Autism Spectrum Disorder; Parent-mediated Interventions; Clinician Training
Sandra J. Brown UC San Diego Neuro Neuropsychological Evaluation; Children; Adolescents; Developmental Psychopathology
Sandra A. Brown UC San Diego BMed/EP Substance Use Disorders; Adolescents; Adults; Stress and Coping; Psychiatric Comorbidity
Kristin Cadenhead UC San Diego EP/Neuro Schizophrenia; Interventions
Veronica Cardenas UC San Diego BMed/EP Cancer
Ruth Carper SDSU Neuro Autism Spectrum Disorders; Neuroimaging; NeuroanatomyMRI; Cognition; Aging; Children; Lifespan; Development
Leslie Carver UC San Diego Neuro Social Development; Cognitive Development; Memory; Face Processing; Autism Spectrum Disorders; Typical Development; Children
Mariana Cherner UC San Diego Neuro CNS effects of HIV and substance use; Cannabis; Methamphetamine; Culturally/Linguistically Competent Assessment; Spanish-Speakers
Jody Corey-Bloom UC San Diego Neuro Dementia; Alzheimer’s Disease; Huntington’s Disease; Multiple Sclerosis; Treatment
Kelly Courtney UC San Diego EP Substance Use; Addiction; Craving; Virtual Reality; Neuroimaging; Interventions
Terry Cronan SDSU BMed/Neuro Health Disparities; Cancer Prevention; Empowerment Based Interventions; Social Support; Coping with Chronic Diseases; Multicultural Issues
Zafiris 'Jeff' Daskalakis UC San Diego EP Depression, Neurophysiology, Schizophrenia, rTMS, Treatments
Lisa Delano-Wood UC San Diego Neuro Normal Aging; Mild Cognitive Impairment; Alzheimer’s Disease; Dementia; Cognitive Functioning; Vascular Risk; Traumatic Brain Injury; Neuroimaging
Dean Delis UC San Diego Neuro Cognitive Neuropsychology; Neuropsychological Test Development
Colin Depp UC San Diego EP/BMed Bipolar Disorder; Aging; Psychosocial Interventions; Adherence
Neal Doran UC San Diego BMed/EP Tobacco Use and Interventions
Emily Edmonds UC San Diego Neuro Early Dementia Diagnosis; Mild Cognitive Impairment; Vascular Risk; Normal Aging; Mild Cognitive Impairment
Lisa Eyler UC San Diego Neuro/BMed Cognitive Functioning; Emotional Functioning; Neuroimaging; Schizophrenia; Bipolar Disorder; Aging; Autism; Healthy Aging; Older Adults
J. Vincent Filoteo UC San Diego Neuro Cognitive Neuroscience; Memory; Categorization; Attention; Visual Perception; Subcortical Neurological Disease
Inna Fishman SDSU Neuro/EP Autism Spectrum Disorders; Neurodevelopmetal Disorders; Neuroimaging; MRI; Developmental Neuropsychology; Children & Adolescents
Linda Gallo SDSU BMed Sociocultural Factors; Chronic Disease Interventions; Diabetes; Cardiovascular Disease; Health Disparities; Hispanic/Latino Health
Jay Giedd UC San Diego BMed/Neuro Brain Imaging; Genetics; Neuroscience; Brain Development; Digital Technology; Children
Paul Gilbert SDSU Neuro Aging; Neurodegenerative Diseases; Alzheimer’s Disease; Huntington’s Disease; Parkinson’s Disease
Tamar Gollan UC San Diego Neuro Cognitive Functining in Biligualism; Aging; Alzheimer’s Disease; Differential Diagnosis
Amanda Gooding UC San Diego Neuro Cognitive Rehabilitation; Epilepsy; Schizophrenia; Alzheimer’s Disease; Post-Operative Recovery; Cross-cultural Neuropsychology; Normative Studies
Eric Granholm UC San Diego EP/Neuro Schizophrenia, Dementia; Cognitive Neuropsychology; Psychophysiology; Pupillometry; Attention; Memory; CBT for Psychosis
Igor Grant UC San Diego Neuro/BMed Stressors; Human Coping; Health; Alcohol Use Disorders; Drug Abuse; HIV; AIDS
Erik Groessl UC San Diego BMed Hepatis C; Complimentary Medicine; Integrative Medicine; Yoga; Chronic Diseases; Aging
Frank Haist UC San Diego Neuro Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience; Perception; Face and Object Processing; Children; Memory; Language; Attention; FMRI
Deborah Harrington UC San Diego EP/Neuro Neuroimaging, Cognition, Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, Traumatic Brain Injury, imaging genetics
Robert Heaton UC San Diego Neuro HIV Infection; Schizophrenia; Clinical vs. Statistical Prediction; Demographic Influences on Test Performance; Everyday Functioning; Cross-cultural (International) Neuropsychology
Eric Hekler UC San Diego BMed Digital Health; Behavior Change; Optimization of Behavioral Interventions; Micro-randomization Trials; Control Systems Engineering as Applied to Human Behavior
Jonathan Helm SDSU BMed/EP Quantitative Psychology; Longitudinal Data Analysis; Measurement of Psychological Constructs
Matt Herbert UC San Diego BMed Chronic pain; Mindfulness; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; Biopsychosocial model
Phillip Holcomb SDSU Neuro Language Comprehension; Healthy Adults; Children; Cognitive Impairment; Multi/Bilingual Language Processing; Event-Related Potentials (ERPs); MRI; Magnetoencephalography (MEG)
Suzi Hong UC San Diego BMed Inflammation; Immunity; Stress; Mood; Cognition; Obesity; Fitness/Exercise; Cardiovascular Diseases; HIV
Keith Horvath SDSU BMed HIV; Mobile Health; Sexual/Gender Minorities; Adolescents; Medication Adherence; International
Tristen Inagaki SDSU BMed/NP Neuroimaging; MRI; Social and Affective Neuroscience; Health Neuroscience; Pharmacology; PNI; Psychophysiology; Social Support; Close Relationships; Emotion
Jennifer Iudicello UC San Diego Neuro HIV; Substance Use Disorders; Aging; Vascular Injury
Joanna Jacobus UC San Diego Neuro Healthy Adolescent Neurodevelopment; Substance Use; Alcohol; Cannabis; Neuroimaging; Risk Taking Behaviors; Interventions
Amy Jak UC San Diego Neuro Traumatic Brain Injury; Aging; Veterans; Mental Health Comorbidities; Mild Cognitive Impairment; Protective Behavioral Factors
Terry Jernigan UC San Diego Neuro Neuroimaging; Developing Children; Genetic Factors; HIV
Dilip Jeste UC San Diego EP Tardive Dyskinesia; Late Onset Schizophrenia
Emily Kappenman SDSU EP/Neuro Cognition; Emotion; Neuroscience; Anxiety; Schizophrenia; Event-Related Potentials (ERPs); Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS)
John Kelsoe UC San Diego EP Genetics of Psychiatric Illness; Bipolar Disorder; Molecular Genetics
William Kremen UC San Diego Neuro/EP Behavioral Genetics; Twin Studies; Cognitive Aging; Dementia; Neuroimaging; Mild Cognitive Impairment; Alzheimer’s Disease
Marta Kutas UC San Diego Neuro Cognitive Neuroscience; Language; Memory; Electrophysiology; Mood
Ariel Lang UC San Diego EP Anxiety Disorders; Trauma-related Disorders; Assessment; Interventions
Gregory Light UC San Diego Neuro/EP Schizophrenia; Neurophysiological Endophenotypes; Neurocognitive Endotypes
Annika Linke SDSU Neuro Autism Spectrum Disorders; Children; Lifespan Development; Sensory Processing; Neuroimaging; Multimodal MRI
Vanessa Malcarne SDSU BMed/EP Cancer; Rheumatic Diseases; Health Disparities; Prevention; Quality of Life; Test Construction/Validation; Multicultural Issues
Thomas Marcotte UC San Diego Neuro Cannabis; Cognition; Everyday Functioning; HIV
Ksenija Marinkovic SDSU Neuro/BMed Neuroimaging; MEG/EEG; Cognitive Control; Alcohol Intoxication; Binge Drinking; Language; Face Processing; Autism
Victoria Merritt UC San Diego Neuro TBI; Cognition; Sports-related Concussion; Military/Veterans; Mental Health
Georg Matt SDSU BMed/EP Tobacco Smoke Exposure; Quantitative Psychology; Program Evaluation; Meta-Analysis
Sarah Mattson SDSU Neuro Developmental Disabilities; Children; Prenatal Alcohol Exposure; Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders; Attention; Response Inhibition; Jacobsen Syndrome
Brent Mausbach UC San Diego BMed/EP Stress and Coping; Health Outcomes; Adults; Aging; Schizophrenia
Jeffrey Max UC San Diego Neuro Traumatic Brain Injury; Stroke; Neuroimaging; Children; Adolescents
Jessica McCurley SDSU BMed Health Behaviors; Health Equity; Low-Wage Workers; Depression; Type 2 Diabetes; Physical Activity; Social Determinants of Health; Health Policy; Participatory Research; Border Health/Migrant Health
Carrie McDonald UC San Diego Neuro Epilepsy; Impact of Surgical Resection; Neuroimaging; Localization of Language And Memory Processing; Alzheimer’s Disease; Mild Cognitive Impairment; Brain Tumors
Paul Mills UC San Diego BMed Psychoneuroimmunology; Inflammation; Stress; Hypertension; Breast Cancer; Spaceflight
Jessica Montoya UC San Diego BMed Implementation Science; Integrated Care; Mobile Health Interventions; Substance Use Disorders; HIV/AIDS; Aging
Eileen Moore SDSU Neuro Neurodevelopment; Lifespan; Prenatal Alcohol Exposure; Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Raeanne Moore UC San Diego Neuro/EP Mobile Technologies; Cognitive Functioning; Emotional Functioning; Older Adults; Chronic Medical Conditions; HIV; Serious Mental Illness; Ecological Momentary Assessment; Everyday Functioning Among; Real-Time Assessment
David Moore UC San Diego Neuro/BMed HIV; HIV prevention; Bipolar Disorder; Depression; Alzheimer’s Disease; Successful Aging; Substance Use Disorders; Neuropsychology, Everyday Functioning; Medication Adherence, Mobile Assessment and Intervention
Erin Morgan UC San Diego Neuro/BMed HIV; Addiction; Everyday Functioning; Cognitive Reserve; Intraindividual Variability; Social Cognition; Emotional Cognition
Leslie Morland UC San Diego EP/BMed PTSD; Veterans; Telehealth
Ralph-Axel Müller SDSU Neuro Autism Spectrum Disorders; Children; Lifespan Development; Multimodal MRI; Brain Connectivity; Biomarkers
Claire Murphy SDSU Neuro Sensory-Perceptual Changes; Aging; Cognitive Function; Dementia; Alzheimer’s Disease; Evoked Potentials; FMRI
Mark Myers UC San Diego BMed Tobacco Cessation; Adolescents; Young Adults; Psychiatric Disorders
Sharon Nichols UC San Diego Neuro Pediatric Neuropsychology; Development; Behavioral Inhibition; Attention; Working Memory; Early Brain Injury; HIV Infection in Children
Marc Norman UC San Diego Neuro Neuropsychology Norms; Stroke; Organ Transplantation; Brain Tumors; High Altitude Cerebral Edema
Sonya Norman UC San Diego EP Co-Occuring PSTD and Alcohol/Substance Use Disorders; Treatment Evaluation; Treatment Development; Guilt; Veterans
Barton Palmer UC San Diego Neuro/EP* Aging; Schizophrenia; PTSD; Loneliness; Positive Mental Health; Capacity; Decision Making
Matthew Panizzon UC San Diego Neuro Cognitive and Brain Aging; Dementia; Neuroendocrinology; Sex Differences; Genetic Factors
Barbara Parry UC San Diego EP Chronobiology of Depression; Sleep and Light Therapy; Melatonin; Women; Children; Adolescents; Premenstrual, Pregnancy/Postpartum, Menopausal, Mood Disorders
Kevin Patrick UC San Diego BMed Mobile Technology
Thomas Patterson UC San Diego BMed HIV; Sexually Transmitted Illness Risk; Drug Users; Sex Workers; International; Psychosis
William Perry UC San Diego Neuro Attention; Working Memory; Executive Dysfunction; Information Processing; Cross-species Studies; Liver Disease; HIV; Methamphetamine
Joseph Price SDSU EP Developmental Psychopathology; Social Behavior Problems; Child Maltreatment; Social Cognition; Social Behavior; Foster Care; Children
Edward Riley SDSU Neuro Prenatal Alcohol Exposure; Prenatal Substance Exposure; Children
Scott Roesch SDSU BMed Quantitative Psychology; Stress and Coping; Personality; Culture; Ethnicity
Thomas Rutledge UC San Diego BMed Cardiovascular Diseases; Chronic Pain; Obesity; Diabetes; Interventions; Veterans
Georgia Sadler UC San Diego BMed Cancer
David Salmon UC San Diego Neuro Cognitive Neuropsychology; Alzheimer’s Disease; Cross-cultural Studies of Dementia
Sanjaya Saxena UC San Diego EP/Neuro Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD); Neurobiology; Treatment; Hoarding Disorder
Dawn Schiehser UC San Diego Neuro Neuropsychological Functioning; Neuroimaging; Cognitive Rehabilitation; Movement Disorders; Parkinson’s Disease; Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Marc Schuckit UC San Diego EP Psychopharmacology; Substance Abuse; Geriatric Psychiatry; Genetics; Psychiatric Diagnosis
Martin Sereno SDSU Neuro Neuroimaging; FMRI; Brain Mapping; Language; Scene Understanding; Linguistic Discourse
William Sieber UC San Diego BMed Mind-Body Medicine; Quality of Life; Interventions; Chronic Diseases; Primary Care
Alan Simmons UC San Diego Neuro MRI; Neuroimaging; Anxiety; PTSD
Andrea Spadoni (Townsend) UC San Deigo Neuro Neuroimaging; FMRI; PTSD; Alcohol Use Disorders; Comorbidities; Empirically Supported Treatment; Affective Disorders
Steven Sparta UC San Diego EP/BMed Law and Psychology; Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice; Child Abuse; Trauma; Pediatric/Child Clinical Psychology
Nicole Stadnick UC San Diego EP Implementation Science; Autism; Pediatrics; Mental Health Services; Health Policy; Community Engagement; Public Health; Health Equity; Global Health; Mixed Methods; Capacity Building; System Interventions; HIV Prevention and Intervention
Murray Stein UC San Diego EP/BMed Anxiety Disorders; Phobic Disorders; Social Phobia; PTSD; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Pharmacologic Interventions; Autonomic Nervous System; Neuroimaging; Epidemiology
Ariana Stickel SDSU Neuro Latinos; Cognitive Aging; Dementia; Alzheimer's Disease; Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors; Neuroimaging; Acculturation
Steffanie Strathdee UC San Diego BMed Injection Drug Use; HIV; Hepatis; Prevention; Barriers to Care
Erin Sundermann UC San Diego Neuro Alzheimer's; Aging; NeuroHIV; HIV-associated Neurocognitive Disorder; Sex Differences; Reproductive History; Women's Mental Health
Neal Swerdlow UC San Diego EP Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD); Tourette Syndrome; Neuropharmacology; Limbic System; Basal Ganglia
Gregory Talavera SDSU BMed Sociocultural Factors; Chronic Disease Interventions; Health Disparities; Hispanic/Latino Health.
Susan Tapert UC San Diego Neuro Substance Use Disorders; Adolescents; Neuroimaging; Neuropsychological Assessment; Conduct Disorder; Risk Factors; Gender Differences; Cue Reactivity; Craving
Charles Taylor UC San Diego EP Anxiety Disorders; Depressive Disorders; Treatment Outcome Research; Social Relationship Functioning; Positive/Negative Valence; Interventions to Enhance Positive Emotions
Jennifer Thomas SDSU Neuro Behavioral Teratology; Neurotoxicology; Alcohol and Drugs of Abuse; Learning; Memory; Cognition
Jeanne Townsend UC San Diego Neuro/EP Autism Spectrum Disorders; Developmental Disorders; Event Related Potentials (ERPs); EEG; Eye Tracking; Attention; Arousal; Sensory Function; Motor Function
Doris Trauner UC San Diego Neuro Metabolic Disorders; Brain Injury; Children; Prosody; Autism Spectrum Disorders; Language; Visual Processing
Ryan Trim UC San Diego EP Substance Use Disorders; Lifespan; Family/Environmental Characteristics
Elizabeth Twamley UC San Diego Neuro/EP Severe Mental Illness; Traumatic Brain Injury; Mild Cognitive Impairment; Dementia; Compensatory Cognitive Training; Supported Employment; Homelessness; Cognitive Rehabilitation; PTSD
Feion Villodas SDSU BMed Health Disparities; African-Americans; Latinos; Acculturation, Cultural Competence, Community-based Participatory Research; Treatment Implementation
Miguel Villodas SDSU EP Externalizing Behavior Problems; Diversity; Multicultural Issues; Children; Adolescents; Evidence-Based Interventions; Child Maltreatment
Natasha Wade UC San Diego Neuro Cannabis; Adolescent Substance Use; Cannabis and Alcohol Co-Use; Neurocognition; Neuropsychology; Hair Toxicology; Secondhand Cannabis Smoke; Secondhand Smoke
Tamara Wall UC San Diego EP Substance Abuse; Protective Factors; Sociocultural Factors; Multicultural Issues; Behavioral Genetics; Psychopharmacology
V. Robin Weersing SDSU EP/BMed Anxiety; Depression; Intervention Development; Children; Adolescents
Cory R Weissman UC San Diego BMed/EP TMS; rTMS; TMS-EEG; Accelerated TMS; Theta Burst Stimulation; Suicidality; Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD); Psychedelics; Interventional Psychiatry
Kristen Wells SDSU BMed Cancer Disparities; Cancer Communication; Patient Navigation Interventions; Medication Adherence; Technology
Julie Wetherell UC San Diego EP Geropsychology; Anxiety; Depression; Intervention Development; Older Adults; Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction; Exercise
Christina Wierenga UC San Diego Neuro/EP Alzheimer’s Disease; Eating Disorders; Functional Neuroimaging; Language; Memory; Cognitive Control; Reward Processing; Interoception; Aging
Jillian Lee Wiggins SDSU Neuro/EP Socio-emotional Development; Brain Activation; Genetics; Social Factors; Children; Adolescents; Autism Spectrum Disorders; Depression; Anxiety; Irritability; Neuroimaging
May Yeh SDSU EP Mental Health Services; Children; Adolescents; Cultural Issues; Treatment Outcomes; Cultural Competence; Racial/Ethnic Disparities; School-based Services
Fadel Zeidan UC San Diego BMed Mindfulness; Neuroimaging; Pain; Health
Shu-Hong Zhu UC San Diego BMed Behavioral Intervention; Population Study of Health Behavior; Tobacco Use; Vaping; Marijuana Use
Sidney Zisook UC San Diego EP Grief; Bereavement; Affective Disorders; PTSD
Zvinka Zlatar UC San Diego Neuro Aging; Brain Plasticity; MRI; Perfusion; Physical Activity; Cardiorespiratory Fitness; Lifestyle Interventions; Older Adults; Hispanic Populations; Subjective Cognitive Decline; Depression