Academic Title
Major Area(s) of Study
Associate Adjunct Professor UCSD Behavioral Medicine / Experimental Psychopathology
Address 858-522-8585 Ext.5587 UCSD Psychiatry / 9500 Gilman Drive, MC 0603 / La Jolla, CA 92093
Graduate Institution

University of Illinois at Chicago

Research Description

I am interested in the development and maintenance of tobacco use, including predictors of onset and transitions between different stages of use and interventions for intermittent users.

Representative Publications
    • Doran, N., Schweizer, C. A., Myers, M. G., & Greenwood, T. A. (2013). A prospective study of the effects of the DRD2/ANKK1 TaqIA polymorphism and impulsivity on smoking initiation. Substance Use and Misuse, 48, 106-116.
    • Doran, N., Khoddam, R., Sanders, P. E., Schweizer, C. A., & Myers, M. G. (in press). A prospective study of the Acquired Preparedness Model: The effects of impulsivity and expectancies on smoking initiation in college students. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors.
    • Doran, N., Schweizer, C. A., & Myers, M. G. (2011). Do expectancies for reinforcement from smoking change after smoking initiation? Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 25, 101-107.

Mark Myers / David Strong