Maya Reiter Awarded Autism Speaks 2017 Weatherstone Predoctoral Fellowship

Autism Speaks is pleased to announce its ninth class of Weatherstone Predoctoral Fellows. Selected from a highly competitive pool of applicants, this year’s eight investigators will pursue two-year, autism research projects under the mentorship of leading scientists in the field.

JDP student Maya Reiter (2nd year) was selected as one of this year’s Autism Speaks Weatherstone Fellows.

“Under the mentorship of Ralph-Axel Müller, at San Diego State University, Ms. Reiter will use noninvasive brain imaging techniques to assess the risk for challenges in mental health and daily living among adolescents affected by autism. Her goal is to guide the development of more-effective programs for supporting a successful transition to adulthood. Read more about her research project here.

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Congratulations Maya!


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