Entry Year


Major Area of Study



Ralph-Axel Mueller, PhD



Research Interests

Maya’s research incorporates structural and functional neuroimaging modalities (fMRI, DTI and MRS) – she is working to understand the neural substrates of well-being over the lifespan in individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

Representative Publications
  • Kleinhans NM, Reiter MA, Neuhaus E, Pauley G, Martin N, Dager SR. Subregional differences in intrinsic amygdala hyper and hypo connectivity in autism spectrum disorder. Autism Res. 2016; 9: 760-772. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26666502

  • Askren MK, McAllister-Day TK, Koh N, Mestre Z, Dines JN, Korman BA, Melhorn SJ, Peterson DJ, Peverill M, Qin X, Rane SD, Reilly MA, Reiter MA, Sambrook KA, Woelfer KA, Grabowski T, Madhyastha T. Using make for reproducible and parallel neuroimaging workflow and quality assurance. Front Neuroinform. 2016; 10: 2.

  • Borghesani PR, Madhyastha TM, Aylward EH, Reiter MA, Swarny BR, Schaie KW, Willis SL. The association between higher order abilities, processing speed, and age are variably mediated by white matter integrity during typical aging. Neuropsychologia. 2013; 51(8): 1435-44. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23507612