Entry Year


Major Area of Study

Experimental Psychopathology


Charles T. Taylor, PhD / Murray B. Stein, MD, MPH



Research Interests

Madeleine is interested in the development and optimization of transdiagnostic and modular evidence-based treatments aimed to both reduce negative affect and maladaptive thought processes and enhance positive emotions. She is particularly interested in the treatment of anxiety and related disorders.

Representative Publications
  • Rassaby, M., Cassiello-Robbins, C., & Sauer-Zavala, S. (2020). When perfect is never good enough: The predictive role of discrepancy on anxiety, time spent on academic tasks, and overall psychological well-being in university students. Personality and Individual Differences, 168.

  • Sauer-Zavala, S., Cassiello-Robbins, C., Woods, B.K., Curreri, A., Wilner Tirpak, J., & Rassaby, M. (2020). Countering emotional behaviors in the treatment of borderline personality disorder. Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment, 11(5), 328-338.

  • Ametaj, A., Wilner, J, Cassiello-Robbins, C., Snow, R., Rassaby, M., Beer, K., & Sauer-Zavala, S. (2021). A preliminary investigation of provider attitudes toward a transdiagnostic treatment: Outcomes from training workshops with the Unified Protocol. Administration and Policy in Mental Health.

  • University Graduate Fellowship, San Diego State University (2021-2022)