“Autism Speaks, the global nonprofit dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the life span, for the needs of people with autism and their families, today announced more than $4.7 million in grant funding to 26 researchers studying autism. As a major funder of autism research, Autism Speaks is committed to advancing the study of causes and better interventions for autism spectrum disorder and related conditions.” 

Autism Speaks is pleased to announce its ninth class of Weatherstone Predoctoral Fellows. Selected from a highly competitive pool of applicants, JDP students, Lindsay Olson (4th year) and Jiwandeep Kohli (3rd year), were selected to be among this year’s ten Weatherstone Predoctoral Fellows who will pursue two-year, autism research projects under the mentorship of leading scientists in the field.


Lindsay Olson’s Project

“Under the mentorship of Inna Fishman, this project will study language patterns and their neural correlates using fMRI in a socioeconomically diverse sample of young children with (and without) ASD, at two points in time. The study will identify whether and to what extent lower-socioeconomic status children with autism may be more vulnerable to language delays and more atypical brain network organization, compared to higher-socioeconomic status peers with autism.” Read more about her research project here.


Jiwandeep Kohli’s Project

“Under the mentorship of Ruth Carper, this study will investigate brain structure and behavior data of older adults with autism to understand if they are at greater risk for cognitive decline or accelerated decline than typical adults. Researchers may be able to use this understanding to identify long-term support needs for adults with ASD.” Read more about his research project here.

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Congratulations Lindsay and Jiwan!