Entry Year


Major Area of Study



Dawn Schiehser, PhD



Research Interests

Kelsey’s past research has focused on using neuroimaging techniques (e.g., functional magnet resonance imaging, transcranial magnetic stimulation, electroencephalogram) to understand cognition, attention, and emotion in non-clinical populations.

Her interests lie in using neuroimaging techniques to understand the neuropsychological and cognitive outcomes associated with mild traumatic brain injuries in veteran populations.

Representative Publications
  • Holiday, K.A., Pirogovsky-Turk, E., Malcarne, V.L., Filoteo, J.V., Litvan, I., Lessig, S.L., Song, D., & Schiehser, D.M. (2017). Psychometric properties and characteristics of the North-East Visual Hallucinations Interview in Parkinson’s disease. Movement Disorders Clinical Practice. Accepted Author Manuscript. doi:10.1002/mdc3.12479

  • Japee, S. A., Holiday, K. A., Satyshur, M. D., Mukai, I., & Ungerleider, L. G. (2015). A role of right middle frontal gyrus in endogenous and exogenous visual attention: a case study. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience. 9(23).

  • National Science Foundation-Graduate Research Fellowship Program Grant No. DGE-1144086. (Awarded 2015-2018)