Academic Title
Major Area(s) of Study
Assistant Professor SDSU Behavioral Medicine / Experimental Psychopathology
Address 619-594-0533 Jonathan Lee Helm / 153 South Life Sciences Building / 5500 Campanile Drive / San Diego, CA 92182

Graduate Institution

University of California, Davis

Research Description

Dr. Helm is a quantitative psychologist specializing in longitudinal data analysis and the measurement of psychological constructs. His areas of interest include methods for dyadic, nonlinear, and multitrait-multimethod data. He is currently developing approaches for (1) measuring and modeling physiological synchrony in dyads, (2) estimating intraindividual trajectories of nonlinear change, and (3), Bayesian approaches for multitrait-multimethod data.

Representative Publications
  • Helm, J. L., Castro-Schilo, L., Zavala-Rojas, D., DeCastellarnau, A., Oravecz, Z. (in press). Bayesian Estimation of the True Score Multitrait-Multimethod Model with a Split-Ballot Design. Structural Equation Modeling.

  • Helm, J. L., Castro-Schilo, L., & Oravecz, Z. (2017). Bayesian Versus Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Multitrait–Multimethod Confirmatory Factor Models. Structural Equation Modeling, 24, 17-30.

  • Helm, J. L., Ram, N., Cole, P. M., & Chow, S. M. (2016). Modeling Self-Regulation as a Process Using a Multiple Time-Scale Multiphase Latent Basis Growth Model. Structural Equation Modeling, 23, 635-648.