Academic Title
Major Area(s) of Study
Assistant Professor UC San Diego Experimental Psychopathology / Neuropsychology
Address 858-552-8585 Ext.1416 9500 Gilman Drive / La Jolla CA 92093 / MC 0855


Graduate Institution

SDSU/UC San Diego Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology

Research Description

Neurocognitive basis of traumatic stress, anxiety, and depression; novel intervention development (including computer-based treatments) for these disorder.

Representative Publications
  • Bomyea, J., Stein, M. B., & Lang, A. J. (2015). Interference control training for PTSD: A randomized controlled trial of a novel computer-based intervention. Journal of anxiety disorders, 34, 33-42.

  • Bomyea, J., Ball, T. M., Simmons, A. N., Campbell-Sills, L., Paulus, M. P., & Stein, M. B. (2020). Change in neural response during emotion regulation is associated with symptom reduction in cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety disorders. Journal of Affective Disorders.

  • Bomyea, J., Stout, D. M., & Simmons, A. N. (2019). Attenuated prefrontal and temporal neural activity during working memory as a potential biomarker of suicidal ideation in veterans with PTSD. Journal of affective disorders, 257, 607-614.


Alan Simmons; Raeanne Moore; Murray Stein; Charles Taylor; Amy Jak; Andrea Spadoni