Academic Title
Major Area(s) of Study
Assistant Adjunct Professor UCSD Neuropsychology
Address 619-543-5027 HIV Neurobehavioral Research Program / 220 Dickinson Street, Suite B / San Diego, CA 92103

Graduate Institution

SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology

Research Description

Neurocognitive and real-world consequences associated with HIV, substance use disorders, and aging; the relationship between vascular injury and central nervous system outcomes in older HIV+ adults and HIV+ individuals with comorbid substance use disorders.

Representative Publications
  • Montoya, J. L., Iudicello, J. E., Fazeli, P. L., Hong, S., Potter, M., Ellis, R. J., Grant, I., Letendre, S. L., Moore, D. J., & the HIV Neurobehavioral Research Program (HNRP) Group. (in press). Pulse pressure is associated with neurocognitive function in older adults with HIV disease on suppressive antiretroviral therapy. Journal of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndromes.

  • Iudicello, J. E., Morgan, E. E., Gongvatana, A., Letendre, S. L., Grant, I., Woods, S. P., & the Translational Methamphetamine AIDS Research Center (TMARC) Group. (2014). Detrimental impact of remote methamphetamine dependence on neurocognitive and everyday functioning in older but not younger HIV+ adults: evidence for a legacy effect?. Journal of Neurovirology, 20(1), 85-98.

  • Marquine, M. J., Iudicello, J. E., Morgan, E. E., Brown, G. G., Letendre, S. L., Ellis, R. J., … & Translational Methamphetamine AIDS Research Center (TMARC) Group. (2014). “Frontal systems” behaviors in comorbid human immunodeficiency virus infection and methamphetamine dependency. Psychiatry Research, 215(1), 208-216.


Scott Letendre, M.D. / Robert K. Heaton, Ph.D. / Igor Grant, M.D. / Ronald J. Ellis, M.D., Ph.D. / David J. Moore, Ph.D. / Erin E. Morgan, Ph.D.