JDP Student Research Awards at INS

Two JDP students, Madeline “Maddi” Werhane (JDP 3rd year) and Anny Reyes (JDP 1st year), are congratulated for receiving Student Research Awards at the 45th Annual Meeting of the International Neuropsychological Society in New Orleans. 

Maddi presented her paper entitled “Elevated pulse pressure and apolipoprotein-E genotype interact to affect functional decline in cognitively normal older adults” at a session on February 2nd. Her co-authors included Kelsey R. Thomas, Emily C. Edmonds, Katherine J. Bangen, Alexandra L. Clark, Daniel A. Nation, Mark W. Bondi, Lisa Delano-Wood.

Anny presented her poster entitled “Reduced frontal lobe neuronal activity at rest contributes to executive function decrements in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy at a session on February 1st. Her co-authors include Thomas Thesesn, William Barr, Chris Morrison, Carrie McDonald, Ruben Kuzniecky, Orrin Devinsky, Karen Blackmon.



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