Entry Year


Major Area of Study

Behavioral Medicine


Gregory Talavera, MD, PhD / Linda Gallo, PhD



Research Interests

My research focuses on the psychosocial and biological mechanisms behind health behaviors, how integrated models of care can reduce health disparities, and how technology-based interventions and community-partnered interventions can improve disease management and patient-provider communications.

Representative Publications
  • Pyatak, E., Hernandez, R., Pham, L., Mehdiyeva, K., Schneider, S., Peters, A., Ruelas, V., Crandall, J., Lee, P., Jin, H., Hoogendoorn, C.J., Crespo-Ramos, G., Mendez-Rodriguez, H., Harmel, M., Walker, M., Serafin-Dokhan, S., Gonzalez, J.S., Spruijt-Metz, D. (2021). Function and Emotion in Everyday Life with Type 1 Diabetes (FEEL-T1D): A fully remote intensive longitudinal study of blood glucose, function, and emotional well-being in adults with type 1 diabetes. JMIR Research Protocols.

  • Integrated Cardiovascular Epidemiology Fellowship – T32 Grant (2022-2027)