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Lisa Delano-Wood, PhD




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Research Interests

We propose to leverage a novel approach using BOLD and ASL techniques to dissociate metabolic and perfusion responses to further our understanding of the pathophysiologic underpinnings of mTBI and the possible effects this may have on cognitive outcomes and symptom burden. Our specific aims are to 1) compare BOLD/ASL NVC responses in a group of Veterans who have sustained a mTBI versus those who have no mTBI history 2) examine the relationship between BOLD/ASL NVC responses and executive function and 3) investigate the relationship between BOLD/ASL NVC responses and postconcussive symptom (PCS) burden.

Representative Publications
  • Ozturk, E. D., Aaron, S.E., Hunt, D.L., Daniels, R., Meehan III, W.P., Howell D.R., Hamner, J. W., Tan, C. O. (2020). “The Development of Cerebrovascular Function in Adolescence.” Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism. In Review.

  • Herget, L., Aaron, S.E., Howell D. R., Ozturk, E. D., James, K. A., Roy, E. D., Zafonte, R., Iaccarino, M. A., Tan, C. O. (2020). “Boston Bike Exercise Test: The Link between Post-Concussion Symptom Burden at Rest and in Response to Progressive Exercise.” J Neurotrauma. In Review.

  • Ozturk, E. D., Lapointe, M.S., Kim, D., Hamner, J. W., Tan, C. O. (2020). “Impact of 6-Month Exercise Training on Neurovascular Function in Persons with Spinal Cord Injury.” MSSE.

  • Ozturk, E. D. & Tan, C. O. (2018). “Human Cerebrovascular Function in Health and Disease: Insights from Integrative Approaches.” Journal of Physiological Anthropology.

  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, 2020 – 2025

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