Academic Title
Major Area(s) of Study
Assistant Adjunct Professor UCSD Behavioral Medicine
Address 858-642-6347 Associate Professor and Center Director / UCSD Health Services Research Center / Family & Preventive Medicine / 9500 Gilman Dr., #0994 / La Jolla, CA 92093
Graduate Institution

SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology

Research Description

My research applies the principles of behavioral medicine to various health care service domains. My two main directions are a) improving health care and self-care for people with Hepatitis C and b) using complementary and inetgrative medicine approaches (mainly yoga) to impact chronic disease and aging. Other interests include cost-effectiveness analysis and outcomes assessment.

Representative Publications
  • Groessl, E. J., Weingart, K. R., Aschbacher, K., Pada, L., & Baxi, S. (2008). Yoga for Veterans with Chronic Low-Back Pain. J Altern Complement Med, 14(9), 1123-1129.

  • Groessl, E. J., Weingart, K. R., Gifford, A. L., Asch, S. M., & Ho, S. B. (2011). Development of the hepatitis C self-management program. Patient Educ Couns, 83(2), 252-255.

  • Groessl, E. J., Sklar, M., & Chang, D. (2012). Yoga for Low Back Pain: A Review of Concepts and Literature. . In A. A. Norasteh (Ed.), Low Back Pain 2. Rijeka, Croatia: InTech.


Sean Drummond, PhD / Carl Stepnowsky, PhD / Dilip Jeste, MD / Julie Wetherell, PhD / Hamp Atkinson, MD / Samuel B. Ho, MD / Robert M. Kaplan, PhD / Ted G. Ganiats, MD / Jill Bormann, PhD, RN / Kate Lorig, PhD,RN