The Emphasis in Quantitative Methods would be fulfilled by successful completion (minimum grade of B) of:

  1. SDSU PSY 770A-B Experimental Design and Data Analysis in Behavioral Research (3 units each, required for PhD)
  2. SDSU PSY 875 Advanced Multivariate Statistics (3 units, required for PhD)
  3. SDSU PSY 876 Multi-level modeling (3 units, doctoral elective to be offered annually at SDSU)

And successful completion of:

Any other advanced doctoral-level elective courses (equivalent at least 3 units) from the approved list below, OR any other advanced doctoral-level elective course (equivalent at least 3 units) identified by the student and approved (in writing) by the JDP Co-Directors.*

*To request approval of an elective course, please send a copy of the course syllabus to the JDP Co-Directors via email. The JDP Co-Directors will only approve an elective course after consultation with quantitative faculty.

Approved List of Elective Courses:


  1. SDSU PH826 Analysis of Case-Control Studies
  2. SDSU PH827 Analysis of Cohort Studies
  3. UCSD FMPH 223  Analysis of Longitudinal Data

Courses under consideration (syllabi to be reviewed)

  1. UCSD FMPH 224  Clinical Trials
  2. UCSD FMPH 225  Statistical Methods for Observational Studies
  3. UCSD FMPH 224  Advanced Topics in Biostatistics
  4. UCSD CLRE 263 Longitudinal Data Analysis

Total coursework required is 15 units. 

The proposed Program of Study for the Emphasis in Quantitative Methods must be approved by the student’s Guidance Committee Chair (and Co-Chair if applicable). To request a copy of this form, please email the Program Coordinators. 


Approved by Steering Committee May 23, 2018

Updated 10/09/2019