Congratulations to JDP student, Emily Paolillo (entering class of 2015), for being recognized as an Annabelle B. Bush Memorial Scholar for the 2020-2021 academic year by the P.E.O. Scholar Awards Board of Trustees. 

Each year the P.E.O. Scholar Awards Board of Trustees chooses P.E.O. Scholars of outstanding accomplishments and potential to receive the distinction of being names an Endowed or Named Scholar. Of the 100 Scholars chosen this year, only 16 received this special designation. 

P.E.O. Scholars have demonstrated their ability to make significant contributions in their chosen field of study, having assumed leadership positions in university academics, scientific research, medicine, law, performing arts, international economics, history, literature, government and other demanding fields.” –About the P.E.O. Scholar Awards

Congratulations Emily for receiving this special designation!