Academic Title
Major Area(s) of Study
Professor in Residence UCSD Neuropsychology / Experimental Psychopathology
Address 619-543-6684 UCSD Outpatient Psychiatric Services / 140 Arbor Drive (0851) / San Diego, CA 92103

Graduate Institution

Arizona State University

Research Description

Dr. Twamley’s research focuses on bridging neuropsychology and interventions for individuals with severe mental illness, traumatic brain injury, and MCI/dementia. Current intervention studies focus on compensatory cognitive training. Other research interests include supported employment, homelessness, use of technology in cognitive rehabilitation, and cognitive impairment in PTSD.

Representative Publications
  • Twamley, E.W., Vella, L., Burton, C.Z., Heaton, R.K., & Jeste, D.V. (2012). Compensatory Cognitive Training for psychosis: Effects in a randomized controlled trial. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 73, 1212-1219.

  • Twamley, E.W., Thomas, K.R., Gregory, A.M., Jak, A.J., Bondi, M.W., Delis, D.C., & Lohr, J.B. (2015). CogSMART compensatory cognitive training for traumatic brain injury: Effects over one year. Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, 30, 391-401.

  • Twamley, E.W., Thomas, K.R., Burton, C.Z., Vella, L., Jeste, D.V., Heaton, R.K., & McGurk, S.R. (in press). Compensatory Cognitive Training for people with severe mental illnesses in supported employment: a randomized controlled trial. Schizophrenia Research.


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