Comprised of three faculty members from each university and two student representatives, the Curriculum Committee makes all recommendations regarding approval of new courses, changes in current course content or requirements, changes in the organization and structure of practicum, and so forth. When a change is proposed, the committee typically polls students and faculty to determine the general sentiment, and then makes a decision about the most appropriate way to proceed. Curriculum Committee decisions must be ratified by the Steering Committee before they take effect.

Faculty Committee Members:

  • Mark Myers, Chair (UC San Diego)
  • J. Vincent Filoteo (UC San Diego)
  • Vanessa Malcarne (SDSU)
  • Sonya Norman (UC San Diego)
  • Kristen Wells (SDSU)
  • May Yeh (SDSU)

Student Committee Members:

  • Chelsea Rapoport
  • Eliza Davidson