Entry Year


Major Area of Study

Experimental Psychopathology


Nader Amir, PhD / Christina Wierenga, PhD



Research Interests

Carina is interested in uncovering neural substrates underlying maladaptive symptomatology in anxiety disorders and eating disorders. She is also interested in elucidating shared clinical features between these disorders in order to discover and develop accessible transdiagnostic treatment methods.

Representative Publications
  • Brown, C., Shahab, R., Collins, K., Fleysher, L., Goodman, W. K., Burdick, K. E., & Stern, E. R. (2019). Functional neural mechanisms of sensory phenomena in obsessive-compulsive disorder. Journal of psychiatric research, 109, 68-75.

  • Stern, E. R., Brown, C., Ludlow, M., Shahab, R., Collins, K., Lieval, A.,Tobe, R.H., Iosifescu, D.V., Burdick, K.E. & Fleysher, L. (2020). The buildup of an urge in obsessive–compulsive disorder: Behavioral and neuroimaging correlates. Human Brain Mapping, 41(6), 1611-1625.

  • Stefanova, E., Dubljević, O., Herbert, C., Fairfield, B., Schroeter, M. L., Stern, E. R., Urben, S., Derntl, B., Wiebking, C., Brown, C. & Drach-Zahavy, A. (2020). Anticipatory feelings: Neural correlates and linguistic markers. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, 113, 308-324.