Supervisor Heline Mirzakhanian, PhD
Facility CARE Early Psychosis Treatment Center
Address 140 Arbor Dr. 4th Floor, San Diego, CA 92103
Phone  (619) 543 7816
Placement Type Outpatient Clinic
Patient Type

The student clinician will be working with adolescents and young adults along the psychosis spectrum. Within the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) the student clinician will be working with individuals with recent onset of psychotic symptoms. Most patients will have a diagnosis of psychosis, not otherwise specified; schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder or bipolar disorder with psychotic features as well as patients with dual diagnoses. Patients are medically stable, do not exhibit any active suicidal, homicidal, or other acute symptoms or active psychiatric illnesses that represent an imminent risk or require hospitalization.

Experience Type

Student clinicians will co-facilitate IOP groups. The CARE IOP utilizes multiple evidence based approaches which the student clinician would be trained in throughout the practicum year. These include CBT for psychosis, DBT, mindfulness as well as social skills and cognitive remediation training. 
The student clinician will also have the opportunity to be the primary clinician for IOP patients and conduct individual therapy as part of the IOP. The clinician will have the opportunity to also co-facilitate other group therapies.
Furthermore, the student clinician will have the opportunity to get trained and complete comprehensive diagnostic intake assessments for patients along the psychosis spectrum including differential diagnoses. The student clinician will learn new assessment tools such as the Structured Interview for Psychosis Risk Syndrome (SIPS) as well as other psychosis related measures such as the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS). 
Finally, the student clinician will learn to be part of a multi-disciplinary treatment team and attend didactic seminars (see below for schedule).

Number Of Students 2-3
Experience Necessary

Some theoretical knowledge of CBT is necessary. Additionally, ability to do intake screenings and knowledge of DSM –V as well as administration of SCID is preferred.

Time Commitment

A total/ maximum of 10 hours per week would be required. See below sample student clinician schedule.

Mondays: 10am-11am Interdisciplinary clinical team meeting, 11am-1pm IOP, 1pm Individual therapy, 2pm-3pm Notes
Fridays: 8am Didactics, 10am-11am Supervision, 11am-1pm Intake assessment, 1pm-2pm Notes

Practicum Length One year
Start Date July 1, 2019
Limiting Factors

The CARE IOP runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11 to 2pm. Student clinicians need to be present at least on one of the IOP days

Other Issues  Practicum is best suited for 3rd year and up students.
Description Revised 03/06/2019