Entry Year


Major Area of Study



Inna Fishman, PhD / Martin Sereno, PhD



Research Interests

Bosi’s research focuses on the neural underpinning of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) using multimodal neuroimaging techniques (fMRI, sMRI and DTI). She is interested in the neurodevelopmental trajectories of ASD and identifying abnormal functional networks underlying various symptom domains.

Representative Publications
  • Di Martino, A., O’Connor, D*., Chen, B*., Alaerts, K., Anderson, J,S., Assaf, M., Balsters, J,H., … Milham, M,P. (2017). Enhancing studies of the connectome in autism using the Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange II. Scientific Data 4: 170010.

  • Aoki, Y., Yoncheva, Y., Chen, B., Nath, T., Sharp, D., Lazar, M., Velasco, P., Milham, M, P., & Di Martino, A. (2017, in press). A categorical and dimensional investigation of white matter structure in autism spectrum and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorders. JAMA Psychiatry.