Please read all sections of our website before making the decision to apply to the SDSU/UC San Diego Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology (JDP). It is not permissible for applicants to meet only a few requirements. The Selection Committee, composed of faculty from both universities and all three specializations, looks for students who are highly qualified in all areas. All application material is first processed through SDSU, not UC San Diego. Do not send material to UC San Diego. Only students accepted into the JDP are required to apply to UC San Diego.

We notify applicants about their application by email. Since email is the fastest way to send information, it is incumbent upon the applicant to be sure that you keep us updated on any changes.

Due to severe state budget cuts to California universities, we rarely return long distance calls outside San Diego County. It is best to email us at We will appreciate your cooperation.

Major Area of Study (Track) Selection: Students are selected by the selection committees that represent one of three major areas of study. Prior to applying, you should spend some time thinking about the research you want to do in the JDP. You should be clear about the major area of study into which your research interests fall. If it is clear that those interests fall in more than one major area of study, you may list an additional area. Keep in mind, however, that files are first reviewed by the major area of study you list first.

Faculty Listings: We have listed faculty by major area of study. Please choose faculty from the major area of study that is your first choice; only choose faculty from other areas if it is clear that your research area crosses over to another area. Faculty who are likely to take a new student in the year for which you are applying will typically be listed on our website in August. This list changes each year depending on the professor’s preference. Do not put names of faculty on the application who are not affiliated with the JDP.

GREs: It is important that you consult the Educational Testing Service (ETS) web site at as early as possible for comprehensive information. Order GREs sent to San Diego State University. It is not necessary at this time to order scores for UC San Diego unless you are also applying to a different program based only at UC San Diego. Again, all JDP application material is first processed through SDSU.

General Scores: You are expected to take the general GRE in time for us to receive your scores by the deadline. If you take the GRE in October or November, we require that you fax a copy of your ETS notice to the program office as soon as you receive it. The unofficial notice will suffice until the official one arrives. (Fax: 619-594-6780). Errors and delays have occurred in the past that make this necessary.

Psychology Subject Score: You are also required to take the psychology subject test. The Psychology Subject Test is only administered three times per year. If you have not yet taken the Psychology Subject GRE, you must take it during by the October administration in order for the scores to reach our offices in time. You can register for this exam starting in July. The psychology subject GRE is a requirement—no exceptions.

Prerequisites: If your degree is in an area other than psychology, please note that your application will not be considered unless you have taken the prerequisite courses on the Admissions page on this Web site. The program requires all applicants to have a foundation in psychology as preparation for doctoral-level work.

Cal State Apply Application: This is the required application for the SDSU Office of Graduate Admissions. The deadline is December 15. A $55 fee is required. Select the SDSU/UC San Diego Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology / PhD. There is a Cal State Apply application tutorial on our website under Admissions/Application Procedures.

Application Fee: The $55 application fee is part of the application to the SDSU Office of Graduate Admissions and that office will cash your check or bill your credit card irrespective of the status of your JDP application. The JDP does not charge an application fee.

Master’s Programs in Psychology: If you choose to apply concurrently to an SDSU master’s program in psychology, you need only submit the Cal State Apply application one time and pay the fee one time. We recommend choosing our JDP program since we have an earlier deadline but your file will ultimately be transferred to the appropriate place. You must submit a separate Supplemental Program application for each program you wish to apply to. Consult the SDSU Psychology Department web site for application information (

Please note that entry into an SDSU master’s program is, in no way, a stepping stone into the JDP. The programs are entirely separate. Also note that a master’s degree will not put you ahead in the JDP.

The MS in clinical psychology is available only to students already in the JDP.

Foreign Applicants: You must check with your university to be sure your final transcript will be available and that it will show your degree award. You will not be admitted to the university without it. The JDP expects international students to read, write and speak fluent English in order to be prepared for doctoral work. Access the International Student Center web site at or by email at for more detailed information about university requirements for international students. Please note that for graduate applications, international transcript evaluation is no longer required. Transcripts will be evaluated internally by graduate admissions.

TOEFL: TOEFL information is available at “All postbaccalaureate applicants, regardless of citizenship, whose native language is not English, and whose preparatory education was principally in a language other than English, must demonstrate competency in English. Those who do not possess a bachelor’s degree from a postsecondary institution where English is the principal language of instruction must receive a minimum score of 550 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Individual degree programs may prescribe a higher minimum score. Applicants taking the Computer-Based Test of English as a Foreign Language must present a score of 213 or above. Applicants must also submit a score for the Test of Written English (TWE). Individual degree programs may use the score on the TWE as an admission criterion or as an advising tool to identify students who may need further training in English.” [Italicized items in this quotation are by JDP.]

If you are not accepted: We sincerely appreciate your interest in our program. Although we understand that not being accepted can be very disappointing, we hope that you will not be discouraged from pursuing your professional goals. Since we cannot respond in detail to applicants who were not accepted, we ask that you keep in mind the following, particularly if you are considering applying again in a subsequent year.

We are unable to provide specific reasons for non-acceptance. If your application credentials were competitive compared to the averages listed here, it is likely that a major reason you were not accepted was that you were not a good match with program offerings in a given year. If your application was generally competitive, perhaps feedback from your own professors would assist you in strengthening a subsequent application. Keep in mind that we receive hundreds of applications each year and many are exceptionally well-qualified. It is usually very difficult to choose among them and the fact that we can take so few students means that every year at least some very highly qualified students are not offered admission.

To apply in a subsequent year, you must notify the SDSU JDP office before September 1. All application material is destroyed after that date in accordance with SDSU provisions for disposing of confidential material. If you notify us prior to September 1, that you wish to reapply, the JDP will hold your transcripts and GRE scores, but you must sumbit a new online application, as there are changes from year to year.

The SDSU Office of Graduate Admissions (Admissions and Records) does not retain any application material from year to year. You must, therefore, apply again through Cal State Apply and pay the fee again.